Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. A week can easily start with smiles and end with tears.

2. Too much cheese can cause you to gain 2 pounds in one week.

3. Cleaning is next to impossible when you are unhappy.

4. Then when you are really unhappy, suddenly you can clean like a demon.

5. Not sure how a demon cleans.. but perhaps I should say speed demon.

6. Again, not sure what a speed demon is.

7. Sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you fight for something, if it is not God's will, it's not going to happen.

8.  Gardening has brought happiness into my life. I think I am channeling my Papa (mom's dad.)

9. Speaking of grandparents, I sure do miss them. I often send prayers up to them, asking them to look out for me and put in a good word for me. ;-)

10. Also, as far as Papa goes, none of this mess with Yasser would have happened. He would have personally nipped this. I sure do miss him. 

11. It is possible to be in love with a messenger bag. I love mine. I searched high and low and got the perfect one. 

12. If you are open and honest... people respond accordingly.

13. Easter Egg dying is a pain. I will more than likely NOT try that again.

14. I learned that no amount of soap and water will remove the dye from my finger tips. I almost, and I mean almost, pulled out the industrial strength cleaners. But I am terrified of chemicals. But that's how much I like my hands to be CLEAN.

15. I still love my Kindle. (I just looked longingly at it.)

16. That pushing my bed up against a wall causes me to not sleep as well. Apparently my sheets and comforter have to be perfect. I can't make my bed properly anymore (and I'm short - so it's hard to reach to do so.) I can't sleep  well now. Got to move it.. AGAIN.

17. I'm running out of hangers and places for shoes.

18. I wish I lived on a farm. Seriously. 

19. I am enjoying writing articles about the health related stuff I am passionate about at

20. Finally... and this is a big one... When telling a six year old you are going to be divorcing her favorite uncle in the whole wide world... be ready for questions. It sort of broke my heart. She did not take it very well.. I'm not sure what I thought, or how she would respond. I was very matter of fact.. um.. yeah.. not sure if I did that one right. :-$

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