Friday, March 8, 2013

Down With Typing

I am not sure when I noticed it, but for the past few months, when I would try to pick up my laptop with one hand, it was hard to grip.

Then I noticed I could not lift myself up (using my hands) from the floor without them popping.

Finally, I could not open a jar or soda pop without some excruciating pain.

I finally drug myself to the doctor, after high fiving a friend and almost dropping to my knees because of the pain.

"Ask a Nurse" through my insurance company says, "Arthritis."

My doctor's nurse says, "Carpal Tunnel."

My doc says, "I'm no hand expert, but I think it's tendinitis."

Whatever it is - it hurts like hell.

Solution? Anti-inflammatory.

Here's the problem with that:
1. They completely wipe out my BP meds and my BP rises.
2. They cause my heart rate to increase

Soo... I have to stay away from caffeine for at least a week or so. HARSH. I am supposed to rest my hands. (Umm... yeah... I write for a living.) I took the super duper harsh anti-inflammatory one night. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, not sure why.
(Oh yeah.. said it can cause restlessness.)
I waited a day to start the steroids. Just took the first two. Now.. I watch as I my face turns pink (every time I take Prednisone,) and I get super hyperactive. The only good thing? Makes your skin look fantastic and I MIGHT finish organizing my closet at super speed this weekend.

Needless to say - my blogging has suffered.

My apologies.

Now... off to figure out why I woke up at 4am... and I am writing this at 5:30am.. hmmm... damn meds.


A Frugal Mom's Financial Expressions said...

Hope you feel better soon. But just wanted to pass along - I tried to cold turkey off of coffee - and all of a sudden I developed horrible headaches - and my BP started rising 9my BP is controlled w/an rx) - went to the Dr - and after a series of questions - he said I was a caffiene addict - and that I needed to wean myself off of caffiene.

monicastangledweb said...

I had Carpal Tunnel in both hands. It does weaken your hands, your grip etc. It also gives you a feeling of pins and needles that doesn't go away. I got the surgery done, and it's vastly improved. I can type. But I still sleep with the wrist braces they gave me, to avoid a lapse. By the way, if you can't type, you might want to consider Dragon Dictate. That way, you'll still be able to "write" but in a different way. Good luck! Hope they figure it out.
(Btw, for me, since I work full time, it was considered Workman's Comp. So none of the expenses related to the surgery came out of my insurance. Everything was covered, including the physical therapy.)


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