Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art - Music - Food - It was an Amazing Weekend in Macon

This weekend was full of really good stuff. I mean, REALLY good stuff. I know sometimes I get on this "whoa is me" kick, and I suppose that's just how I am and who I am. I want things a certain way, and I work really so hard to make things a certain way - that when they don't go my way, I pout and moan and complain. I'm a curmudgeon- We are our own worst enemies.

Remember all of the good stuff I shared with you in Friday's post? All of the good stuff I planned to do? Well, I did most of it, and I think it all went very well.

Friday I was super busy and super excited to do the whole "First Friday" in downtown Macon. If you are not from here, and most of you who read this are not, our little community pulls its resources together the first Friday of each month and offers special little incentives to shop and play downtown. Typically, I head to the art galleries, etc. I am not so much into the bar scene, and only sometimes do I even feel like eating dinner out at night. Lunch is my restaurant time of day.

I started the evening out at the Macon Arts Alliance's Gallery opening reception. Here is a pic of some people I was hanging out with - from left to right: Jeff Bruce, the Tubman Museum's Curator is in the back; Shandelia Shepard (our new Programs Manager;) Stacey's roommate (and a Health Educator.. I totally forgot her name.. just met her that night;) Stacey Harwell (a minister at Centenary Methodist Church;) and Heatherly Wakefield (the Director of Fine Arts at Macon Arts Alliance.) The show at this gallery was mainly based on print making. Great stuff. You can sort of sneak a peek behind everyone in that photo.

Here's a photo of Lauren Benedict (City Council woman, lawyer, and board member of MAA) and Jonathon Dye (the Communications Director of MAA.) They were working the bar that night.

Here is a photo of two spectacular friends - JJ Hobbs (local Opera Singer) and her partner, Cindy Hill (Arts Marketing Director for Mercer University and the Grand Opera House.) Cindy and I have known each other since we were kids. We used to do theater together.

After we left MAA, we headed outside to a pop-up boutique on 1st Street. I ran into Valerie Bradley (Communications Manager at the CVB) and Stephanie Robinson (former Marketing Director for the CVB.) We caught up for a few minutes, both of our groups were doing the same stuff, just going in a different order. lol You can see a little of downtown behind us.

Next, we popped into an empty space on 1st Street that was turned into a Pop-Up Boutique. It's basically a trend in using empty space and showcasing small businesses. This space was phenomenal.. and there were tons of small shops set up selling great items. Alex Morrison, the Executive Director of the Urban Dev. Authority (seen on the far right near the window,) Mechel McKinley (Main Street Macon) and my friend Molly Wilkins worked really hard on this. Check out the awesome blog of Molly's and more details on her idea and the event. I only took photos with my phone, her stuff is waaay better and you can see the goodies - HERE.

After that I headed on over to my mom's Gallery on Ingleside to see a truly inspiring art show - one that took cancer survivor's art work and put it on display. The stories and art were phenomenal, the crowd was spectacular, and the food.. OMG. Fountain of Juice catered (this organic food shop) and all I have to say is that the candied bacon is TOO. DIE. FOR.

After that final stop, I met up with my niece and she and I enjoyed an evening at my place. It's been a while since we got to hang out together and it was awesome. She is growing up soooo quick.

The next day she and I met with my family and Yasser for lunch. He wanted to catch up and see how we were all doing. It was actually nice, and I can 100% say we are simply friends now. We all sat for almost 2 hours, talking, eating and catching up.

After lunch, I headed back and got ready for date night. My new friend came over and we went to a phenomenal party at my friend's Tim & Leila's home. Sophia Bastian (from NYC) came and performed as part of new thing Macon hopes to do - a Music Ambassador program. (Check out the story on the link)
Here is a photo in Tim and Leila's Sun room. I knew probably 1/2 of the people there (about 70 or so) and it was GREAT seeing all of these wonderful people enjoying some time together.

If we are friends on FB, you can hear the video I recorded while there. Her voice is heavenly. Just go on YOUTUBE or see my previous post to hear "Gloryboxed." Oh my word.

The food and art they had on display was second to none.

After that, my friend and I went to Polly's for actual dinner.
Tex-Mex at it's finest. Under all of that cheese is a beef enchilada.

After a great dinner and a few laughs, we headed back to my house for a movie.Finally saw Identity Thief. It was really cute.

Needless to say, I've been an absolute bum today with small moments of cleaning. I'll do one task and rest for an hour.. then another task.. rest for another hour. lol

I hope each of you had a great weekend! I suppose I can sum up this busy weekend in one word - CULTURE. What did you do?

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Unknown said...

Glad you had an amazing weekend! So much goes on in Macon that is under the radar of most people that it's refreshing to see blogs like this one getting the word out! Macon is a place to be! :)


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