Thursday, May 3, 2012

WWBAD? (What Would Big Ang Do?)

I think everyone needs a "Big Ang" in their life. That loud-mouth friend with the big heart- they tell it like it is, and some how, some way, you take it - and you listen.

So when there is something or someone that is trying to test me, perhaps I should just stop and think - "What would Big Ang do?"

Some of you may be wondering who Big Ang is? She is one of the women on "Mob Wives." Yes, I am addicted to "The Mob Wives," - hell, anything mob related. Trust me, this was waaaaay before The Sopranos or Mafia Wars - when I was young, and oh-so-impressionable, I watched The Godfather. No.. wait.. I take that back, I actually READ the book. I was maybe 13.

Yes, they are violent. Sure, they treat their women bad. But there has always been something a little dangerous and alluring about the whole idea of Wise Guys and their minions. Perhaps it goes back to my whole fascination with sub-cultures, and this would definitely be a subculture category.

The whole point is - Big Ang has taught me a thing or two:

1. Never be a snitch. She is BIG on loyalty. She will lovingly refer to a snitch as a "rat bastard."
2. Beauty is expensive. She says when given the opportunity, ALWAYS splurge on the outer you.
3. Don't waste time on men who don't buy you things (hahaha.. love it.)
4. It's better to be the peacemaker. Every one loves Big Ang.
5. Finally - Don't get pinched. Jail sucks.

LOL - I know, I know.. this is all tongue -n- cheek, but today a few things came up with the readjustment with someone, and all I could think was - "What would Big Ang do?"

I told you my thought process was twisted.

PS - I'm THRILLED - Big Ang is getting her own show!!

1 comment:

TV's Take said...

How funny. I haven't seen the show but now I'm interested...


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