Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Drug of Choice

As I sit at my desk - eyes blurry, head a little foggy and motor skills a little off balance...

I can only think of one thing.


How the hell do people live without this fine nectar of the gods?


Without my sweet java juice, I am like a savage beast - ready to attack, scratch and claw the eyes out of each person who comes my way.

But set a warm cup of joe before me - suddenly you will see my eyes light up and my demeanor change.

Today's post is nothing more than a vent. A need. A desire.

I left my home without having my first cup of coffee.

I am cursed. Cursed for at least...


What is that?

Someone is brewing a pot.


Wasted post.

PS - Need blog post/subject ideas. Throw me some ideas in the comment section, and I'll do it!

1 comment:

songbyrd on the mountain said...

seen on facebook: INSTANT HUMAN: JUST ADD COFFEE. yes that would be me too. :)


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