Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moms, Cars and Life in between

Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you that happen to be a mother, have a mother, or are expecting to become a mother. (That includes moms of pets, also!) I hope each of you get spoiled by your husbands or partners, and if you happen to be a single mother - then take a few minutes for you.

As for my mom, I plan to surprise her with some home-baked cinnamon rolls when she wakes up (which is usually around noon.) She loves sweets, and with my tight budget, this will have to do!

Life is full of surprises, isn't it? I went from feeling like nothing was ever going to work out again, to dusting off the old vocal cords and putting them to good use this week. If you did not already know, or are new to my blog, I love public speaking. I really do! I prefer it to one on one - don't ask me why, I'm just wired that way. On Wednesday, I was invited to speak to four classes for four hours about my career and journey I have taken. It was for Career Day at Miller Middle Magnet School in Macon, Georgia. It was very cathartic for me. I was able to trace the steps I took, and I even mentioned (only in a very few sentences) my experience with unemployment. I explained to these kids that I understood money is a BIG motivator for so many of them, especially after I asked a few what they wanted to be when they grew up. You can imagine - doctors, lawyers, professional basket ball players, etc. When I asked them if they knew what a person in Public Relations did, they had never heard of one. By the time I finished, I had about 4 kids interested in my field - out of about 150, that's not so bad. I shared with them one thing I have learned throughout my entire 39 years - "If you don't enjoy getting up in the morning, and going to your work - Then you are will not enjoy your life." I explained that I have made money and I have lived with very little. It never changed how I felt. What is a wonderful blessing is when you love what you do, and you get to do what you do best -  you can't put a price tag on that.

I even stressed the importance of getting an education. With there being such a high drop out rate with High School seniors in Bibb County, I explained how with this economy, it is very difficult to find a job - especially if you do not have the qualifications. You are going up against, well to be honest, about a month ago - people like me, with experience and qualifications. I explained that you do not have to go to college, but learn a trade, join the military - find a way to learn something and become really good at it. I hope I got through to a few of them.

Another opportunity I was given was to emcee last night's Miss Day Lily Pageant. Interesting, to say the least. I got to see first hand what a pageant mom looks like. WOW. As far as my part went, it went well. I had fun with it, I made a few jokes, got a few laughs, was able to keep the crowd tickled as one little girl went running off stage. I'm glad I got to do it.

For you art lovers, guess who I got to meet last week? You'll never guess! Rocco Landesman, the National Endowment for the Arts Chairman came by our museum. No, seriously - the big guy from Washington, D.C.

Front Left to Right- Rudy Mendez (artist), Pilar Wilder (dancer,) Jim Coleman (Macon Arts,) and Rocco with the NEA at the Tubman Museum

Rocco enjoying a presentation from our Dir Of Edu, Anita Ponder - while 13WMAZ was taping the visit
Just yesterday, I spent my morning checking out the Second Saturday Festivities with Gray Station Better Hometown. My sister, who is the Executive Director, moved the event to a different area, and I think it flowed so much better. No more worrying as to whether or not the shop owners would ask her to re-open a road, AND it was centrally located in front of Gray Hwy.

Below you will find a few pics from the event. I think the turn out was great, and the vendors did a marvelous job.

My sister with her information booth

Sooo.. I'm thinking I could see myself in this car

Day Lily

I made a friend!


Angelica Emmanuel said...

Vintage cars have a special place in my heart. The black car beside the yellow truck is my favorite. If I had a car like that, I'd definitely drive it every chance I get -- if only to feel the thrill of driving a rare piece of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Ooh… That’s one heck of a sexy red classic! :’) I really wish to drive that kind of car on the road, even at least once in my life. Hehe! The first time I had my picture taken with a classic car, I really freaked out! Well, what more if I get to drive one? Hahaha!

Sara Anthony

Carry said...

Classics! And there are horses too! Cool!!! :D Are they part of the event as well? Haha! Well, my pick would definitely be that red Chevy Bel Air! Doesn’t it look magnificent in all red? I’m really in love with the steering wheel! :D

Carry Demaggio


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