Monday, May 28, 2012

He paved the way
If you have ever had a serious conversation with me, you know I will at some point say, "There is a reason or everything." We oftentimes can't see it while we are going through it, but eventually it all makes sense. Sort of like what is happening as we speak.

My Dad got sick. If you don't know about my dad, you should really read THIS, it sort of describes the type of man he really is. These past 7 months or so were not as easy with him, for the first time he was in the same house with me, as an adult. I watched him overeat (though he is not a big man,) and slowly kill himself. I watched his mood change and I even heard things come out of his mouth I never thought I would ever hear. Why? Diabetes. The mood swings, the temper tantrums, the sickness and lethargy - all because of the food he was putting into his mouth.

Thank God (literally) that I am bossy. I am the one who talked him into getting into my car and going to the emergency room. He is safe and stable now, however I pray he actually listens to the doctors this time. Thank you for your comments, for your prayers, and emails. You are the best blog followers a girl could have.

God put me here for a reason. In this house, at this time. He paved the way for all of this. I know we have all heard or even said, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," but people, it's true. What used to happen in the past - my shoulder's would tighten, my breath would quicken, my pulse would race - now I am able to hold the stressors on my shoulders, I can slow my breathing, and I am much calmer. Why? HE made me stronger. He paved the way...

I often talk about my journey on here, it's even the inspiration for this blog. But what you must know and I must remember, my journey is nothing more than a gift God has provided for me. It's my story, mine alone. I can't spend an ounce of precious time worrying or freaking out.

I may have honestly found my balance. At 39, this may be what I was waiting for.

On a lighter note - I want to welcome our three new followers! You guys popped out of nowhere and I am so happy to have you here.

I have so many topics stored up and I am ready to get my routine back. Life has thrown me a few curve balls - but instead of ducking them and swirling out of the way, I have honed my skills. I have caught them and boy, oh boy, watch out world- I have a mean swing.

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Tasha Seegmiller said...

I LOVE this attitude. Life is tricky sometimes, but I have incredible appreciation for the people who stand stronger instead of being beaten down. Just found your blog - look forward to following :)


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