Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't Pin it - Do it.

I'll credit this pic down at the end of the post. Yes, Out of spite.

Vent du jour.

I randomly check my comment section. Not all the time, but eventually I do get around to it. The reason for the delay is, no matter how good my intentions were with my post, and no matter if it was just a quick document of my feelings for the day- someone, somewhere, is going to take it the wrong way. Or think that I am talking about them. I learned a LONG time ago, just glance at the comments from time to time and move on.

Sometimes - I even get hate mail. Oh yeah. About some of the most RANDOM things you could ever imagine. More so than not, the comments and the emails are very positive and compassionate. But every once in a while, a negative nelly will rear its ugly head.

Today was one of those days.

Let's see if I can set this up:

A while back, in order to get away from "venting" posts (like this one,) or overly personal posts, I would do a "Things I learned this week" or a "You'll thank me later" post. To cover my legal basis, I have a disclosure tab at the top. As a journalism major, and someone who aced journalism law, I know I have covered my bases.

In the past, before my blog got a little more popular, none of the things I wrote or posted ever seemed to make a difference. Then, as more people became interested in my dribble, I opened myself up to a whole new outlet to be criticized. I promise you, it's not a big deal - BUT.. let's be honest, it can be a little annoying.

Today I happened to read the comments. The anonymous comments, which are usually nothing more than crazy Russian coding with links to naked people. I delete that folder from time to time, but somehow, some way - Blogger can detect if someone actually typed the comment and will allow it on the post. That's perfectly fine, though I know many of you deter anony comments, and honestly I should, but I allowed them - because I was like - 'Who cares.'

Now, just to keep the "zen" and "woo-saa" in my life, I might need to re-enstate those little deterrence's.

In other words - Use a name. Don't come in here with an anony and leave a comment. Especially if it is something that criticizes the effort of the post.

Second - I try to source everything I post. Granted, my first "You'll Thank Me Later" was written right before every Tom, Dick and Harry joined Pinterest. I simply shared some of the photos I found, and thought it would be fun to say .. "Hey - I did some research - look what I found." You'll notice at the bottom of the post, I invite people to check out my 'Cool Ideas' board on Pinterest, and there people can search for the original source. Though let's be honest, a "craft" idea may not be the original source that you find on something as fun and silly as Pinterest.

What has happened is that so many people are using it to market their stuff. Heck, I use it for work AND to invite people to my page from time to time. Ever since Mashable put it out there that Pinterest was a powerful marketing tool, possibly bypassing Google - suddenly every business ran out and created a Pinterest board.

Man.. how I missed the old days.

When I saw Snoop Dogg had a page (or make that, his publicity team has one,) or a bank has created one - I just began to roll my eyes.

What started out as a great way to see pretty pictures, organize your favorite stuff, and dream of destinations far away - has become a place where crazy marketers are tracking and sourcing and screaming "That's my idea."


You know folks... at the end of the day - "Who cares."

I seriously doubt I will try half of the ideas I found. But a few are certainly helpful for organizing. There are a handful of recipes I am dying to cook, and yes - those "travel spots" and fabulous "outfits" are just a "Wish List" I will probably never see or have - but I liked it for dreaming.. and inspiring.. and wishing.. and hoping...

Now it's all just - dirty. That's the best way to describe it - dirty.

It's been tainted by greed. Corrupted by ego.

I'm sort of turned off.

I'll continue the "You'll Thank Me Later posts" - but not so frequently. Maybe, to keep the rabid people away, I will not post a pic, but describe what I have seen. In my own words.


Perhaps I should copyright my brain. ;-)

PS - The pic above. I found it on google images. Type in Pinterest Geeks and see what pops up. It's the 4th image. From a stitching company. I found two other companies claiming. I'll let you decide who is the rightful owner.

Also - when you find it - please identify yourself as something other than anonymous. ;-)

Disclaimer - Unless you are actually the anony- I'm not talking about you, so simmer down. ;-)

Love you guys! Have an EXCELLENT weekend.

Woooo saaaaa


Leanne said...

Boy, I've missed you. :)

Sorry I haven't been leaving comments lately . . . annonymous, or otherwise. But maybe I should start. ;)

Go get'em, girl! :)

Joyce said...

Ahh, Pinterest. It's all good fun until someone gets Pinned in the @$$. :-) I'm sort of glad I'm still a small blog - no anony comments yet. :-)


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