Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just when you think you have it all together, life just sort of throws a few challenges your way. Remember those curve balls I was talking about? My eye-hand coordination is getting better and better and I have coming out swinging!

Dad is up and moving today. He spent most of the morning in the garden with my niece. That's a great sign, considering he was on death's bed this past weekend. However, I am sure the doctor would prefer for him to stay inside and relax, at least a calm stroll through the woods could not hurt him, right? The Thurston's are a resilient bunch, tough as nails.

Today has been a bizarrio type of day. I had a wonderful meeting this morning with the peeps from Riverside Cemetery. No.. no.. I am not plotting my Father's demise, rather I am working with that group to come up with some historically significant stories for the youth at the museum I work at. Fascinating information, and tons of cool ideas. The activities include everything from historical character portrayals, scavenger hunts, a really cool fort, all of the way to funerary art and creative writing exercises- like writing your own epitaph. Great stuff!

Did I mention they brought me iced coffee? Death is such a seductress, isn't she? ;-)

THEN after the MOST BIZARRIO lunch - OMG... sooo.. I know of no other way to describe this other than JUST describe it. As I am sitting with my co-worker at Krystal, eating my cheese fries - I kept hearing this click, click sound. This woman sitting me behind me was taking photos with her cell phone. I turned around, just to see what she was "seeing," since I am such a fanatic at capturing "moments," when I discovered she was taking a picture of her feet... or the floor. So, I turn around. However, my eyes work like a little camera themselves and I notice just about everything. She had on a sweat shirt (it's 90 something degrees around here) and she had a plastic bag with her, like a grocery bag. No food, no drink - but sitting at the Krystal table. I just thought, "okay- maybe she is waiting for someone and proud of her pedicure" or something like that.

Then I hear, "Click, Click, Click" and turned around and she is randomly taking pictures of the table, really, REALLY close up, and then of everyone around us, and then out the window.. all I hear is CLICK, CLICK, CLICK...

My co-worker and I decided she might be one of the street people (we are near the Spring Street bridge, near a bus station. Tons of people live under the bridge by the river in a tent city of sorts.)

Bizarrio. THEN I look behind my co-worker and what do I see? A full-blooded pimp. Chains, gold, bizarrio outfit and chatting it up with young, scantily clad ladies. It was pretty obvious.

I got back from lunch and our Curator was cleaning out an old storage unit. He said to me, "Hey - want any of this old stuff?" I took a look at some of the items he had, these beautiful carved Asian pieces, made out of something white. He looked at me and said, "Yeah, it's ivory." I sort of sucked in my air and said, "WHHHAAAT?" LOL Needless to say, I grabbed a few pieces. ;-)

I also was given the opportunity to go through boxes and boxes of old cookbooks from a dear old supporter of the museum, who has long since passed. Her name was Ola Mae Ford, and I saw the most amazing collection of old cookbooks - from 1943 and on. I grabbed a few that were just so nostalgic. She apparently was a home economics teacher for years and years. I grabbed some old 1950's appetizer cookbooks (with the most amazing retro photographs) and a few other treasures. I promise to take a picture of my goodies soon enough.

I am also the proud new owner of a wooden carved "goddess of peace." Possible West African - not sure. I decided it was best to leave it in my office, not knowing what type of energy and what this little figure represents. Our Curator said, "There is no telling." With that, I'll keep the little lady here.

That's just through lunch... where else will the day lead, I am almost too afraid to ask.

Who am I kidding? I love it!

What's the most "bizarrio" thing that has happened to you today?

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