Friday, May 4, 2012

Boogie Nights

I found a place to live. Yep.
I think I could get approved fairly easily (since breaking my last lease due to unemployment,) AND the price is right.

But there is a catch.

The entire place looks like a set from the movie "Boogie Nights." I kid you not.

The outside is fabulous - gray wood, very modern/sleek. clean lines, really cute light fixture. Just a few blocks from what is known around here as "Ingleside Village." To my friends in Birmingham - down from the gallery where I had my wedding reception. The whole area is full of art galleries and tiny bistros and antique stores.

Then I walked in.

Staring back at me? Orange SHAG carpet.


There is this BEAUTIFUL wall of windows - and really funky chandelier, but I could not take my eyes off of that carpet.

Or the smell of a musty home, totally unlived in.

We walk downstairs to the bottom level, and I see a nice sized living room, and a huge walled balcony/patio. Would be GREAT for a private Zen garden. Cross into the dining room and I see a 1/2 wall of mirrors. LOL THEN a kitchen with outdated appliances and cabinets. The pantry? None. The laundry room? A stackable will fit.

Then we head back to the main level, and go up a flight of steps. (It's three levels - sort of a split level) and I see one bath and two bed rooms. The guest room actually had hardwood floors, but the back wall - SILVER wall paper. When I asked whether I could do some upgrading/sprucing up with paint, I was shot down.

Holy moly.

THAT was a trip.


EmptyNester said...

Hahahahaha! That's what our house looked like when we bought it. Of course, that was 1988 so- closer to the 70s. LOL

TV's Take said...

Wow - are you going to take it?


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