Monday, May 30, 2011

Staycation - Day 4 - Got Jesus?

Memorial Day morning, my friend from home, Telisa, and I took off for Cullman, AL to see the Ave Maria Grotto.

Next stop - St. Benard's Abbey (Benedictine Monastery)

Cullman, AL was also destroyed in many areas from the tornado...

and then there is the sign that you are truly in the south...

Next we drove to Hanceville to see the Castillo de San Miguel

Followed by the Shine of the Most Blessed Sacrement. Are you familiar with EWTN? Okay.. now - THIS is where Mother Angelica lived.

I went to the Abbey's Candle shop and met the monk that makes the candles. I bought this one - it smells of peppermint and eucalyptus.

I bought this at Smith Farms

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Staycation - Day Two

I woke up suddenly this morning to the sound of my phone buzzing like crazy.. there were several text messages from my friend, Telisa. (Best friend from back home.) They kept saying - WAKE UP. I'm coming to Birmingham.
 Finally, the phone rang.
"Hello?" I said in a tired voice.
"Wake UP! I want to come to Birmingham"
"I don't have the gas to drive home," I responded.
"No - WAKE UP. I am driving to see YOU."
Suddenly, I was awake and said, "OH! Fabulous. When are you leaving?"
"Now - I am backing out of the driveway."

Seriously - 4 hours later - that isTelisa in my Kitchen!

We decided to go for icecream - was a massive craving Telisa had. So I took her to Mountain Brook Creamery in Mountain Brook Village.

She went for one scoop of Rocky Road

I went for one scoop of Peppermint!

We were being silly geese.

She got so excited - she had to try a BIGGER one!

Afterwards, we headed downtown to the McWane Science Center. Here she is laying on a bed of nails.

Then having to pull her own weight to make it to the top.

HAHHAA... sooo.. we kept saying that this thing made her look like she had a penis.

Cool ball fountain.

Dodgeball a la disco fever. Yeah - she was taking this kid on.

This took us well over 15 minutes to construct.

And less than 5 seconds to fall apart.

I made the world's biggest bubble!

Then we headed down to the aquarium.

That's an octopus!

He would not let go of my booty.


Ready, Dr. Cunningham

As soon as I did this - I said.. "I now have the flu." I kept thinking of all of those germy little kids.

Little did I realize.. my boobs made an impact also. LOL

I told Telisa -with the proper bra.. this could have turned out sooo much better. LOL

NOW - she's a star.

Inside a tornado tube

Yes - we can act civilized. After wreaking havoc on the Science Center - we headed to O'Henry's in Homewood for a coffee-pick-me-up.

What a nice way to spend day two of my stay-cation. Who knew my closest friend from home would visit?
Blessings all around!!!


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