Friday, March 19, 2010

Would you like an extra order of CHEESE with your blog post?

I am about to get cheese-riffic with this blog. Oh yeah.

It is ironic that while I was writing my super-reader's digest-version of my meeting of the egyptian that my friend sent me the movie trailer for Eat Pray Love.

Let me back up a minute...

While going through the divorce and deciding to go to Egypt - my friend Crystal - gave me the book Eat Pray Love to read on the plane. I did. And continued to read it while traveling in Egypt. Lord have mercy did it speak to me!! I thought "Under the Tuscan Sun" was speaking to me - but this - this WAS me. (All the way down to the part where the main character would retire to her bathroom at night to just cry because she was miserable in her 1st marriage.)

FINALLY a movie is being made. It opens in August and I am super excited.

There are three movies that speak to me - with similar issues as I have experienced in my life.

2. Under The Tuscan Sun
3. French Kiss -

The first one is sooo similar to my situation, but unfortunately, I was unable to travel for one year. However - I have gone through a period of finding love through cooking and satisfying that innate need. (I even had two exchange students live with me from Italy. I brought the country to me!) Then as for praying, lord knows I have tried every single "meditation", silent retreat, yoga - anything you can imagine to center myself spiritually. I hosted a muslim, buddhist, agnostic, etc in my home - to live with me - just to learn from. Then love - I took a BIG risk and traveled to the mystic middle east to find my true love and life.

Here is the trailer from that movie:

More on the story:

Next is Under the Tuscan Sun. This book (again - another story based on a True Story) - is about a woman who ends up suddenly divorced (eh hem..) and then finds herself at a Cross roads. She has to leave the comfort of her home - to find her home.. and in the end - great things can happen later in life (ie 30s...40s..)

Here is the movie trailer:

Finally there is French Kiss. Not so much me running off to France to get back my husband... but more so of giving up that fear and learning to find someone who turns that light on in side.

Looking to straighten up your life? Looking for a wonderful love story? Go for these movies!!

I hope you enjoyed your cheese this afternoon. But if I were asked to describe my life in 3 movies - I would choose these!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE French Kiss! But I think it's because I have a secret crush on Kevin Kline, and he is amazing in that one.

Nicole said...

Kevin Kline had a perfect french accent!! I love the soundtrack also. If you don't have it - you must get it!

Leanne said...

Just saw these pop up on your "link within" and had to read this one. I LOVE these movies, too. Especially Under the Tuscan sun!!! OOooooo - I want to see this today!!!


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