Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things you will never see me blog about

From time to time, I go 'Blog Hunting.'

What this means is, I look for really good writers to follow. There are several blogs in particular that I make a point to read every time there is an update. It usually has something to do with the excellent writing, they are a close friend or their life is so fascinating that I simply cannot look away!
Let me give a little Shout Out to those people now:

My favorite Blogs to read & why:

1. A Mom, a Blog and the Life In Between - This blog is written by my friend and ex-co worker Tere. Tere is a single mom and lives in Miami. Her writing is the most honest I have seen yet - she breaks it down with absolutely NO excuses. I am not a fan of "mommy blogs" - but this is not your typical mommy!!

2. Abby's Blog - Abby is a super cool 16 year old girl sailing around the world alone. Seriously. BLOWS my mind this kid is circling the world.. and she will break a record as soon as she finishes.

3. Cassagram - I actually just started following this blog - from what I can see, her writing is hilarious. She even does a "boyfriend" of the week post - which basically takes some random "wonderful" guy (usually a celebrity) and posts why he is fabulous. Love it!

4. Confessions of a Fabulous Fat Chick - This is written by my sister, Heather. She mainly tackles self-esteem and re-invention issues with fabulous wit and wisdom.

5. Foxy Pink Cheetah - This blog is written by a Mormon who has a secret personality "stripper" name of Foxy. She loves trashy tv and Jersey-esque things. HILARIOUS writing. Honest, strong, and beautiful photography (her wedding pics are to die for.) Amazing writer.

6. LBR - My co-worker Laura is the author of this blog. Very spiritual, and good advice. Beautiful photos (she is an amazing photographer) and it is fun to watch a young (fairly newly wed) stumble through domestic adventures. Lately she is on a baking kick. It's good stuff!

7. List of the Day - Just funny funny funny items to share with friends. Just click the link, I don't think I could even begin to describe!!

8. Telisa In Europe - Granted, Telisa never finished this blog - but it was sooo much fun to follow her trek across Europe. All it took was a hot affair in Italy to stop the writing.. but needless to say, I felt like I was in Europe with her. (I have known Telisa since I was 12!)

9. The Sassy Curmudgeon - Between the Sassy one and Foxy Pink Cheetah - I swear, I have met my soul-sisters. LOL I could totally imagine sitting, having coffee and laughing our a$$es off. Seriously wicked sense of humor. LOVE it.

10. Thrifty Shannon - Not the typical blog I would follow, but it is a blog a friend of mine is writing and OMG - it's seriously good. YOU CAN GET FREE STUFF and save tons of money. I swear, I bet she gets national recognition off this blog!

11. Wisecracks, Sarcasm & Ridicule - My old college room mate writes this blog, and she is seriously humorous. However, her posts are few and far between! Boo - Angela, give us more!!!

That about sums up my absolute favorites!!

Now - back to the title of this blog -
Things you will never see me blog about:

1. Children. Okay, I know people are sooooooo super proud of their child, but an entire blog based on your every child's step is NOT interesting. Funny antidotes on random things with the kid - sure... but an entire "family blog" bores me to tears.

2. Crafts and other crap.

3. I am NOT selling anything.

4. I rarely write about cooking. (okay..I can admit to two entries..) But an entire cooking blog.. no way.

5. Losing weight. SERIOUSLY. People who go through massive lifestyle changes believe EVERYONE wants to read about it. From time to time.. yes... but leave your obsession at home!

That should do it for now! :-)
Please visit the blogs above. Also - if you are not officially following me, please click the button to the right. It's easy -

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Have an excellent week!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out!
I'm a firm believer in following back, since, if someone is following me, there must be something about them I'll enjoy reading about.

Nicole said...

Thanks Cassandra. I am truly enjoying your blog. It is rare I actually find one I would enjoy reading! As for mine - it is sooo random. Sometimes I write about my life, sometimes about issues (usually something happened that day to get me going!) and then sometimes it may be something silly like "my day." Thanks for coming on board!

LBR said...

I love it!! Thanks Nicole!

Tere said...

ahahaha Thanks for the love! I'm so flattered! I like it most when non-"mommys" find something enjoyable about my blog.

Going to check out the others on your list - I trust your judgment!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I figured out the link issue - you have the old one posted... it's actually

Thanks again!

Angela said...

Thanks for the shout out. Darn it. I know I should write more. I've taken a part-time job and two new freelance projects and excuses, excuses. Okay. I promise an entry this week.


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