Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am the wanderer.. I keep.. wandering..

I am very excited about my upcoming work trip. I know that those two words - work + trip do not normally invoke feelings of euphoria, but this time
feels different.

I leave Monday morning for Mobile/Pensacola. I will actually be staying in Mobile ~ for now, an undisclosed location - just in case some psycho stalker is reading this. *giggle*

I was doing a little historical research on the city of Mobile, and it has a fascinating past. This makes the trip all the more interesting. (Yes, I am a DORK.)

I hope to not only get a handle on my media sponsors and work related items, but I hope I get to "taste" what Mobile has to offer.

Luckily for me, I am staying in the more historical side of town. This will make the evening "fitness" walk more pleasurable.

One Tuesday of next week I get to spend the day in Pensacola, Florida. AGAIN - super excited. I have only driven through Pen once, but I remember thinking to myself.. hmmm.. I like this little town. Such a shame these beautiful little seaside cities do not have more to offer work wise. My hope is to one day, finally find my perfect little job by the sea. Obviously, it would be nice to do what I am doing now ~ but transfer to the sea. However, where I work (and for most of us wanting to be successful) - all of this requires living in the metropolitan areas. For my organization, that only leaves Miami, Jax and Tampa. None of which excite me in the least. Don't get me wrong, I think Miami is HOT ~ both figuratively and literally. But I do not speak spanish and I think I would have to make a lot of money to be comfortable there. Tampa.. hmmm.. would prefer not. Then Jax.. too spread out (like Bham.)

Now I don't ever want to choke on my words.. because as soon as I say that, tomorrow I could be saying.. Hey - I moving to... (fill in the blank with said city.)

I suppose this is all I really wanted to say. I am excited about my little excursion and I am hoping for excellent weather! Until then.. I have a ball to attend.. EEK!

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