Saturday, March 6, 2010


After my previous two posts, I actually received two emails (from old old friends) asking what my home looks like NOW.

I think some people got confused and thought maybe the pics I posted in the other posts could have some from my actual home.


This is my SUPER humble abode. 1 bed 1 bath in Bham.

Let's take a tour! This pic is of my egyptian wall (since I married to the egyptian.) The painting was done by my mother and is of Alexandria, Egypt (the egyptian's home city.) Then you see a few authentic pieces from Egypt to the left of the painting.

This painting is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. My mother painted this two years ago. I am obessed with the Greek Isles. So - she painted a post card I have.

This is the original view to my sunroom. However, the egyptian wanted to "redecorate" and took my beautiful middle eastern candle lanterns down. lol I loved it.

This was my great grandmother's crucifix. It now hangs over my bed. The rosary was blessed by Pope John Paul II

My sunroom/desk to left is my mini-office.

My simply utility room. I WISH I had some bright red appliances. LOL

This is what I drive now - my VW Bettle!

Messy - sorry - but my leather couch, and lots of blankets always. (Just keeping it real!) lol

My dining room. The only difference now is the table is turned horizontal - it definitely opens the room up.

My sunroom - pre-egyptian. This is my day bed - the egyptian decided he wanted different colors. So it has since changed.

This is the bed now. Guest stars: My sister and my niece. LOL They used the bed when they stayed with us.

This is what my mantle looks like now - sans the stockings. I am not a fan of the books on the mantle - but the egyptian insists. This is a wood burning fireplace - marble.

This is what the fireplace looked like before I got married. I am more for a "simple" look.

My bedroom. You see how I do love the white beds!

The other side of my room

Where I am sitting right now! (but old pic.)

The bathroom.

My super large garden tub.

Hall Way

One side of the kitchen. Older pic. Now all of my small appliances are red.

Other side of the galley kitchen. Yes, I HATE the wall paper, but I am an renter. *sigh*

(Recipe books on top)

That's it.. my humble little abode.

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