Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phobophobia ~ and other issues

Okay, I could not end the night without an actual blog entry. The one earlier was the ramblings of a tired girl.
But when looking for inspiration tonight - I realized that phobophobia was the main concern of the day.
Phobophobia is the fear of phobias. It really messed me up today. An old issue of mine resurfaced, and that sucked!
Yes, yes, yes.. this girl has panic attacks. Well, I used to have panic attacks. Well, I guess I still do from time to time.
Today - MASSIVE come back. The P.A. is on a comeback tour.. and decided to make TWO appearances. *sigh*
Where did they come from? Besides the obvious choice of my nutty brain? Or the actual over adrenal gland? How about my fear of fear?
I ended up going over a really loooong bridge. I have driven over many o' bridge in my life - long, tall - wide.. crazy scenarios. But never alone.
I found a great video of the actual drive I had to take today on youtube:

Apparently I have a fear of driving over bridges - alone. This is apparently known as - Gephyrophobia or Gephydrophobia or Gephysrophobia- Fear of crossing bridges. I wonder if there is a disorder for doing this - ALONE.
I found a very
interesting site on phobias: http://phobialist.com/
I decided to take a look at the list and see if I had any other "phobias." Apparently - yeah.. and weird ones.
So - here is my list:
Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
Acrophobia- Fear of heights.
Aerophobia- Fear of drafts, air swallowing, or airbourne noxious substances.
Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places.
Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects.
Anginophobia- Fear of angina, choking or narrowness.
Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders.
Asthenophobia- Fear of fainting or weakness. ***
Bacteriophobia- Fear of bacteria.
Ballistophobia- Fear of missiles or bullets.
Macrophobia- Fear of long waits.
Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up.
Nosophobia or Nosemaphobia- Fear of becoming ill.
Parasitophobia- Fear of parasites.
Tuberculophobia- Fear of tuberculosis.
That's just a few of my fears... what are yours???


Ivy said...

You`re not alone - I share your fear of spiders! and to some extent Nosemaphobia

Nicole said...

LOL Sooo many fears.. soo little time!


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