Sunday, March 7, 2010


I survived the 2010 23rd Annual Heart Ball in Birmingham. Our theme was Abre tu Corazon ~ Open Your Heart.

T-I-R-E-D. Plus, a little disappointed. OTMJ was supposed to send a photog out to get the cover shot for the next OTMJ. The photographer, who comes every single year, did not make an appearance. I am not sure if something came up, or if the message was not conveyed properly. But he was a NO-SHOW.

The good news - it is not the paper's responsibility to provide a photog - but they have done so for years now. Luckily we have a professional photographer, and his assistant took the photos. It will now be our Event Director's responsibility to track those photos down, and send them to OTMJ and Scribblers in the Bham News. We have guarantees from both for the feature article, just I know what a pain it is to get photographers to release their work in a timely manner.

Working on deadline to make the society section for Bham News. The writer needs everything by noon tomorrow - however, at noon I will on the road on the way to Mobile, Alabama for a 4 day business trip. Sooo.. I have to work in tandem with Event Dir. to get everything together.

THAT makes me mentally tired.

THEN - apparently I screwed up as a wifey. I promised the egyptian I would bake some home made whole wheat bread before I left for the ball. Let's just start with that. But here is the series of issues I had yesterday .. and the myriad of mistakes I made!

1. After I dropped him off at work yesterday ~ I proceeded to do the laundry. I finished it!! (YAY) - but I dumped the clean clothes on the bed, and well.. I left them there.

2. I could not decide what to wear to the ball. Should I wear a super formal black ball gown or a super cute long cocktail dress. The staff could make the call on either style. I ended up choosing the cocktail dress, and leaving a HUGE black wad of satin draped across the bed (on top of the mountain of clean clothes.)

3. I did my make up and pulled out all of the stops - and left everything laying across my vanity/desk.

4. I used a few extra "tools" on my hair - and left those items across the vanity in the bathroom.

5. I changed out my purse and tossed everything onto the sun room bed.... and proceeded to leave that also.

6. I forgot to bake the bread.

7. Since I had to stay later than when the egyptian got off work, he had to walk, in the dark , in the cold- from his work. (Our apt backs up to a trail that goes behind his company.) However, it is all uphill.

8. I came in from the ball, with a friend. As soon as I entered, I found out he was trying to call. (I left my phone in the car.)

Needless to say - I was a mess. Normally, and to a laid back hubby - no big deal. But dear friends, remember, I am married to an egyptian - the rules for the wifey are waaaay different.

Ha! Ha!

Perhaps I can redeem myself. I guess yesterday ended up being a big flop!

I plan to spend the day (once I get energy) cleaning, baking some bread, and even making a lasagna - perhaps I can make the egyptian happy! PLUS, I need to pre-write the releases for the deadline tomorrow, and arrange that. (Which should make our Heart Ball people happy) - PLUS, pack everything up, map quest all of my appointments and prepare for the 4 day trip to the coast.

I find myself in people pleaser mode. Very interesting. My question is, does anyone want to make my life easier??

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