Friday, March 26, 2010

I Choose To Live Out Loud

Dear friends,

I have a few things I want to share with you. Some of the items may be jarring, while others may be inspiring.

I think I need to simply start at the beginning.

I live out loud.

I choose to express, not repress.

That's it.


I have no ulterior motives. I am not trying to accomplish anything. I choose to leave my mark on the world, and I do that by living out loud.

I realize that makes some people very uncomfortable. By living out loud, I lay it all out there on the line, and in turn - I bet you find yourself judging me. Perhaps THAT makes you uncomfortable. I am sure it goes against everything you claim to believe in. Judge not lest you be judged.. and so on.

This is me. Far from perfect, a bit of an instigator, a tad bit of an agitator, a slight piece of a passionate fool, and sometimes.. oh there are times.. I am one amazing chick.

It saddens me when a friend or even a stranger feels the need to live their life in private. What do you have to be ashamed of? I always cringe when people start off a sentence with, "Now - don't say anything." When you know damn good and well they are sharing their little story with many people, and saying the same thing to each. Essentially what is happening - they want to tell everyone. But they are so insecure, they simply do not want you judging "Out Loud." By not saying anything to anyone, they are essentially asking you to not talk about them.

Honey.. if what you did left you feeling that insecure, then don't do it.

Sharing information in this technical age is tricky. We have so many outlets to express ourselves. I say - about damn time!

I can take the conservative route and just do a little "professional" linkedIn or linkIn account (I have one - but rarely use it. I can never remember the name of the page. ;-)) I think this is perfect for people who want to be judged by their career only. Then you have your Myspace options. I think this is excellent for kids who want to create a fun layout and express themselves through music and pictures.

Facebook is a nice little "getting in touch" outlet. You get a minor one sentence or so update, a few items on your profile page and you can upload some pictures. Basic. What I like about it, is I have learned so many new things about old and new friends - and get this - I actually like them better! LOL YES! I might have thought the shy girl in high school was just plain jane boring. Turns out they have very deep thoughts, read the same books I do, and may have an amazing knack from bonsai trees. Fascinating. hahahaa

Now we go to BLOGS. I find that the majority of avid blog writers are actually writers. You get a few who attempt to do it that are far from professional writers. Or they are selling something. But as far as original thought - almost all of the ones I follow are of people, very similar to me. I have a Broadcast Journalism degree. Clearly, I write conversationally. It is what I was trained to do. Makes me a decent speech writer, etc. I have noticed - many of the authors are journalism and english majors. I do have one MAJOR writing flaw. I have many many typos I rarely notice, and I cannot spell. ;-)

Oh you know the old quote, and lord knows I can't remember who said it - "All journalist have a novel inside of them.. and that's where it needs to stay." Or something to that effect. Yes, I have many thoughts and to make sure my brain does not explode and I do not talk people's heads off - I express myself here.

Sometimes I may make you mad!!!! Sometimes you may roll your eyes because it seems I am bragging. Sometimes you might find inspiration. It doesn't matter what you take away from this. It is my place to LIVE AND LOVE OUTLOUD.

I have a twisted view of what I see as someone who has it all together. Many people I have met believe the calm, straight laced, strategic, organized planner with slower speech and patient demeanor is the most professional and what we should all hope to be.

I disagree. I would much rather work with someone who is passionate (shows emotion), says exactly what they are thinking - challenges me verbally and with actions - walks the walk and is not afraid to color outside of the lines. Will challenge authority, is willing to give someone else the credit and will- without fail- stand up for what is right, regardless if it benefits them personally.

That person I just descibed - would live out loud.

STOP CENSORING YOUR LIVES PEOPLE. Try to create new, honest norms. Be who you were meant to be and be proud of that. Who cares if people disagree? GOOD! That means we are not all molded the same way. That's awesome.

A truly awesome person can sit in a room with someone polar opposite and still be able to listen and understand and learn.

For me?

I choose to live out loud.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I always thought of myself as a Live Out Loud kinda of person. But, I'm thinking recently that I'm just loud. But, only loud about the things I want people to know. I'm tired of not being my true self because of fear of what others think. I'm learning that I would rather have a few or no friends that REALLY know me than to have many who think they know me.

Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Thanks Emily! I am glad there are others out there that can relate!

Anonymous said...

I used to write whatever I wanted.
And then it caused drama with my friends and scared me from writing what I'm feeling all the time.

I'm starting to get back there a year later...but it's been a tough process getting the confidence back.

Nicole said...

Cassandra - I understand. I had a confrontation with a co-worker once, and even yesterday - one of my friends called me to discuss this. She thought I was talking about her.

Which confirmed something. I refuse to let other box me in. I will never write anything that is hateful about another person. I am sure you can relate to this - my blog is the only place I can truly be self-centered. Not in a vain way - but in a ' This is all about me and my needs/wants/fears etc way.)

I guess Living Out Loud with manners is what I need to say! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by, and for leading me to this!


I'll be back!

Kim said...

I liked this post. I try to balance my live out loud with my private. It's hard sometimes though. I can tend to get in the sharing mood on my blog.


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