Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shocker Shoes

** Disclaimer ~ I do not own one single pair.

I am concerned and intrigued. It involves a shoe. Not just any shoe - a STRIPPER shoe.

Yes, stripper shoes (high heeled platform shoes) are gaining popularity again. Women enjoy looking "saucy" and stripper shoes can help their outfit do just that.

The spike in popularity could be due to the recent use in fashion shows. However, one thing for sure is more women are definitely using them in their wardrobes.

The term stripper shoe obviously comes from the fact that they have been most popular with exotic dancers and adult entertainers. Stripper shoes are just very tall platform shoes that can sometimes reach 8 inches tall. These high heels elongate the leg and make the appearance of the women taller and leaner. Platform shoes used to be popular in the 70’s before just being categorized as stripper shoes. In addition, with the recent trends it seems that they are making a comeback.

Upon closer inspection - there are a WIDE variety of styles. I have to admit - it seems like a bit of an art form.

I give HUGE props to the people who are actually able to pull this look off. LOL Or even WALK.. much less dance.


However - these shoes - the one to the left, are pretty hot. I would probably kill myself wearing them, but it is fun to this it is possible. *giggle.*

A friend of mine and I were discussing shoes today - and that is how this whole blog post came up.

I mentioned that I was feeling "sassy" in my silver shoes. Which in turn, she told me that when she feels sassy, she puts on her clear heels that light up when she walks.

I paused.. and said.. umm.. er.. "You mean.. stripper shoes?" She laughed and said - NO!

I asked her when in the world would you wear these, she informed me - on New Years, Halloween and this one time she was in a bikini contest at a night club.

**scratching of throat.**

Yes, I raised an eyebrow. LOL

So what is the big deal??? I have have a beautiful pair of Nine West black leather sling backs that are about three inches. So what makes me so different???

Welll... I don't think I should answer that one.

SOoo - how DOES a person walk in such a shoe?

Finally - the tips needed to pull this off:

There you have it - Stripper Shoes For You! LOL


varunner said...

So funny. I could never wear heels like that. I can't even remember the last time I wore regular heels. They just don't go with my yoga pants ;-)

Carrie said...

heels make my feet hurt generally. I have some kitten heels and a few pairs that are a touch higher but I rarely wear them.

No stripper shoes for this gal!

Visiting from RDC

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! The first video looked like a shoe circus. How do people think these shoes are fashionable? I don't get it. The second video looked like it should be on SNL. She was funny.

I don't get the whole stripper shoe thing. But I guess if they can actually walk and dance in them more power to those ladies. Definitely not for me.

Visiting from RDC.

Kristy said...

I have worn shoes like these before, and they are actually, surprisingly comfortable. I find them more comfortable than typical heels. There's something about the platform heel that is easier to walk in than you think! Here from RDC!

Anonymous said...

I am a sneakers girl through and through! I would probably break my neck in a pair of those! When I do heels they're typically 3' or less. I had an acquaintance who showed me a pair of those clear ones and hers had money slots in the sole/heel. lol


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