Monday, March 8, 2010

Unwinding.. in general

My home - for the next four days - is Mobile, Alabama. I am here on a "work trip" - but man oh man... it feels more like a a mini-break. Well, a mini-break from 6 -9am and then again from 5 - midnight. (Which is basically my waking hours.)

I am sitting alone in my little poolside bungalow at the Berney Fly Bed & Breakfast. It is adorable. The inn-keepers - simply entertaining and adorably friendly.

My meetings today went very well. I met with the local staff, and enjoyed a delightful lunch at Macaroni Grill. Yes - it is a chain, and typically I am against chains, but I have to admit - it was good and yes, it was the first time I have ever eaten there. (Again - anti-chain girl.)

My meeting with the local tv and radio station went very well. All of the work "stuff" ended around 4pm. I darted over and found my little home away from home. Beautiful area, and cozy bungalow. The inn-keepers did a wonderful job of showing me maps and familiarizing me with the all of the inside scoop on various restaurants, etc.

I ended up going for a little drive and discovered the downtown "new orleans-esque" architecture. I came upon a little soul food dive and decided to indulge (all for under $14.) I had bbq chicken, baked beans and mac & cheese - topped off with banana pudding. Yumm.. but full.. and i think I gained 500 pounds. lol.

The other awesome thing - I don't have to do anything for anyone. I can eat what I want, watch what I want and not feel as if I am supposed to be doing something else. I forgot what it is like to live alone..

I feel a bit free.

Hence - a mini-vacay.

I promised to upload pics tomorrow. I am tooo sleepy tonight.

Off to la la land while watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic."

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