Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where can I buy a Happy Tree??

I am in search of a little positive reaction today. Actually, every day. As I was trying to come up with some ideas of what would change my mood - then I realized - a happy tree.

I am not talking about a tree that bears fruit that magically transforms your mood once you take a bite.  

I am talking about the kind of tree that transforms your day. When I look back on all of the times I felt glorious peace, it involved a tree. 

When I was a small child, and we lived on Pineworth Rd in Macon, I remember going out into our big front yard and hiding under the magnolia trees. There were two, I believe. It was my secret garden of sorts. 

Later, we moved to an aparment on Mercer University that had these large trees with big puffy pink flowers. I would hide under this tree, grab one of the pink puffy things and blow them. The little petals reminded me of the fairy petals from Disney's Fantasia.

Once we moved to Crystal Lake, I loved sitting on a bench off to the left of the dock. Next to this bench was a tree which had roots on the bottom that jutted out to look like a running pig. Seriously. I call that my pig tree and it made me smile.

Then we moved to a house on Spring Meadow Drive and there was this glorious burning tree. (My nick name for it.) The colors in the fall were magnificent. Then spring brought amazing flowers.

In college, I saw dozens of dogwood trees. I would sit on my front porch swing at my duplex and just gaze at the beautiful white petals.

When I moved back to Macon, and had a house of my own on Dogwood Circle, I was blessed to have an adorable Cherry Blossom tree (this is not rare in Macon..) and a beautiful dogwood. I would sit outside with a glass of wine, and admire all of the colors that were my front yard. Azaleas, Jasmine, Freesia.. I had an amazing garden. It was my place to come home to. To decompress.

What is missing since I moved to Birmingham? A tree for me.

I found myself feeling a bit home sick during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Not so much for the cheesy festival itself, more so for the celebration of spring and the beautiful flowers that are blooming.

I am so grateful some friends posted a few beautiful pictures. I got to see a few happy trees that way.

But what to do about Birmingham?

I did move to an office with a view. I specifically moved my desk so that I can look out of the window. There seems to be a Dogwood tree right outside.

I suppose this will have to suffice for now.

Perhaps, I need to go spend some time at the Botanical Gardens.. and there, maybe I can find my happy tree.

1 comment:

varunner said...

My absolute favorite tree is a tulip tree. They only bloom for about a week in the spring - but they are the most gorgeous blooms I've ever seen.


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