Friday, March 26, 2010


** Yucky Face of Torito - a random baby I found on google images (just in case his mommy drops by!)

I was reading something, and now for the life of me I cannot remember what it was - but it inspired me to immediately write a piece about things I completely dislike.

Yucky things.
Things that make me make a face like little baby Torito. Ewww.

Here is a basic list of YUCKY Stuff. Stuff that sooo grosses me out or annoys me that if there were Facebook group pages for each one, I would be the President of the Boycott!

1. Mayo - please God, make it all go away. Hell would be me swimming in a vat of Mayo. Yuck Yuck Yuck

2. Defecating. No more. Let it all evaporate instead.

3. Feet. I am not sure what I would replace them with. Just make them look different. 

4. Bad Breathe. I wish for a perma-minty fresh breathe.

5. Body Hair. That includes arm pits, groin, arms, legs, and anywhere else it clearly should not grow - on anyone. (Yes, I just made the Torito face.)

6. Farts. 

7. Vomit.  I cry when vomiting. Most hateful, horrible act of bodily function known to mankind.

8.  Runny nose. (add to that snotty tissue.) GROSSSSSSSSS

9. Body odor. That's why I hate gyms. If it is steamy and smelly- count me out.

10. Sweating. Again - evaporation works for me.

11. Grits.

12. Mice/Rats/any animal in the rodent family.

13.... which leads me to roaches. Someone please explain to me their purpose in the circle of life food chain??

14. Pimples

15. Unibrows. God - please create people with two separate ones. That's going to be in my prayer tonight.

16. Guns. I don't want them. Add bombs to that also. They are NOT good. That goes in the annoying/awful category

17. Warts

18. Mean looks. Anytime someone makes a mean look at me - I want to smack them. Yes, I feel hostile. So - let's just make it physically impossible to do.

19. Wash dishes. It grosses me out.

20. Food to go bad or get moldy. Make it stop.

Okay - I'm done.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

21. Popsicle Sticks


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