Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today I want to re-decorate.

I would love to redecorate my home. Actually I would like to settle into a home of my own and create the space I desire! I have definitely began acquiring the pieces I need to make my "space" serene and "my own." Here are some pictures (below) that show you what my taste and vision is!

I LOVE this kitchen. It is clean, "cool" and very "airy." I have always believed a kitchen needs lots of sunshine. I love the little pop of color from the plant. Of course, a proper island is important!! I am also loving the exposed shelves on the wall. However, I am a fan of the glass cabinets (not sure what they are called, but the ones with the paned glass for doors.
This kitchen makes me feel like I am at the beach.

I would KILL to have this "den." For one, I LOVE white. Second - that light blue is soooo calming
. I am also a big fan of the fluffy couches. I could totally see me curling up with a good book and drinking coffee. (Careful not to spill!!)
Definitely has a "beachy vibe."

Check out this bedroom. I am a sucker for Victorian "inspired" bedrooms - and this room screams just that!
I love the "princess" bed and the lighting fixtures are nice. Again ~ has a clean, "airy" feel. Elegant, yet not over the top. (Check out that fabulous mantle!)

This has got the be the most fantastic Moroccan inspired bathroom I have ever seen in my life. That shower alone is a show piece.
I LOVE the purple. (Note - I own a LOT of middle eastern pieces.)
Just a super cool idea.

Going more for the North African/Islamic Middle Eastern inspired look ~
However, this is a match made in heaven for me. Using the light colors, but the feel is completely middle eastern.

I love love love sun rooms. (I have one now.) I think this sun room is a bit shabby chic and adorable. This is definitely how I would decorate a larger one.

I have always wanted a Japanese garden.

Would this not make a wonderful guest room? It is fresh, open, airy - and has an excellent beach vibe.

Finally - this is more of what I can pull off now. I have the lamps... I have the big garden tub... ahhh.

This is just a tiny taste of what I like. (I think I reached my limit on pics I can upload. LOL) Thanks for indulging me!!

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