Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mornings with Me

GOOOOD morning. *giggle*

Actually it is more like 10:39pm on Saturday night. The picture to the left is of me - at 9am on Friday.

For fun, I decided to do another "day in the life" - but this time - it will only go from 8am until 2:30pm. (I forgot to take my cam on my little adventure... sorry. :-$ )

Sooo... let's take a look at today.

I started my morning off with a doubleshot espresso from Starbucks. Yummmm.

Next.. I checked my personal email and wrote a blog about Prayer.

Around 11:00 - I got a little hungry. I made some tahini with crackers.

Then, I watered my flowers. This bouquet was a gift from my friend Katie. You can see they are still looking good.

FINALLY - I took a shower and did my normal morning routine. Here are the products I used this morning. (you can always click on the pic to get a better look!)

After my shower, I picked out the clothes and jewelry I was planning to wear. (I was going out with my friend Julie for the afternoon.)

Before I leaving, I knew I would need to do laundry. Sooo.. I proceeded to do laundry.

Now time for the makeup. I usually sit at my little vanity/desk by the window and apply my makeup. (click on the pic for a closer look.)
Here are the products I used today.

This should be scary and fun. (Indulge me.) I did a step by step application of make up. LOL

The blank palate. LOL Scary...

Time to add concealor. See - voila - no more dark circles.

To even out my skin tone (and hide those freckles) - I go for liquid foundation. Not too much.

Time to add powder and bronzer. I am sooo fair.

Time to add eye shadow. I used Twice the Spice by Clinique.

Next for the eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow liner.

Finally blush and lipstick!

(I look a bit like a clown.. I know. LOL)

Okay.. time to finish up.. dry the hair!

But look - the egyptian is STILL asleep.

There you have it. A silly little look at my morning. lol.

OMG - don't you see why I wear makeup??

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