Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is the sun really shining?

Could it be? Is the sun really trying to come out?

While the rest of the eastern half of the United States is buried in snow - in the deep south, I see LOTS OF SUNSHINE.

The ironic thing with this, the sun will be blazing, but the temps will be coooool as a cucumber.

I think we need the sun. The winter blues have set in - and it's sincerely not my thing.

Looks like I have a long weekend ahead. Purposely planned by MOI. I have decided to take tomorrow off. With being sick, stress, and lots o work - it was time to take one day to run lots of errands. I know that does not sound like a great day off, but it is a necessary evil, and truly I need a full day for.
Back to the weather thing - I can definitely tell spring is around the corner, because for two days I have what can only be called CONGESTION. Oh yes, that means the flowers are a bloomin'!

I have been looking outside at the trees, and no - I do not see any buds, but I can tell something must be floating around. It happens the same time every year. Nice little allergy situation.

Speaking of the same time every year - it is actually time for my Mid-year review. This time last year, I was at a critical point, unaware that the bottom would fall out without the miracle I needed to keep my job. I am prepared this year, and praying I can make more miracles happen before the end of our fiscal year - which is June 30. Oh sweet media impressions... where art thou?
The egyptian is on an upswing. Yep. He got a job! He will be the most over qualified grocery store worker in all of Birmingham. But the important thing is, he has a job. Degrees or no degrees - tri-lingual or not - certified teacher in numerous countries - does not matter. As an immigrant you have to work 5 times as hard as the next guy, just to prove you are worthy. His time will come... it will.

I was debating whether or not to stop volunteering at church with the youth group. I honestly have "prayed" about it - except, I bet my prayers are a little different than the average religious person. My prayer was more like: Hey God.. I am just tired. Not sure if I am needed. Could you give me a sign?
Sooo.. I get to youth group and proceed to sit and have deep conversations with sooo many of the kids. None of the other youth leaders seem to do that. I may not "lead" as many activities, but I do make a connection with the kids. Perhaps I should stick around. Isn't that what it is all about? OOh.. I don't know.

Big birthday looming. No plans. :-( I refuse to plan my own birthday party - AGAIN. I always have to plan my own. Forget it. If people want to celebrate with me, they know where to call. ;-)

I have babbled long enough. I actually have a draft of a blog based on an issue. But I was waaay to tired to finish the research. It was on feminism. I promise, it is coming soon. Just waaaay too many items to read through.
Many blessings!

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