Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday.. It's my fun day.

Who doesn't like a fresh start?

I always view Sunday as that weekly "fresh start."

I make plans on Sunday.

I clean (a little) on Sunday.

I "groom" on Sunday.

I pray on Sunday (especially on Sunday.)

I find that I reconnect with myself on Sunday. That is certainly a pleasant thought. Knowing that there is one day a week I "find myself" and I try to bring myself back to center.

That sentence reminds me of when I took ballet. If you are not familiar with dance terminology - just know that we always begin and end at center. You start off in first position - poised, strong, impressive with your feet turned out. Then it hits you - you need more strength, move to second with your legs extended, standing tall and strong. Third will draw the viewer back in, with a little hint of what is to come with your foot lightly caressed against your arch. Now time to grab your strength without trying to give away the beauty and complexity you head to fourth position. Stationing your foot in front of the other, beautifully turned out. Then it is time to put the icing on the cake - slide into 5th for the final curtain. Only to return to center.

I could not agree more with this picture. We have choices. Everyday - to be miserable or to be happy. I choose to make Sunday my "fun day" and in turn, I choose joy. Happiness to me seems like an unattainable state of being. But feeling joy. Joy is real. Joy puts a smile on my face and radiates through out my body.
I know that joy will come and go. I am not a fool to think that I can hold onto it. It is a gift. When it comes, I treasure it. When it leaves, I slowly prepare for it's return and in doing so, I return to center.

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