Sunday, February 28, 2010

Broken Promises

Well.. well.. well. Needless to say, it does not surprise me - I broke my Lenten promise to give up Facebook.
The whole point of giving this up - was to turn my attention - instead - to God. I did get several excellent devotional books, and did a really good job with reading them.

I am simply not very disciplined in the whole sacrificing arena.

I hate rules.

But I love God.

What's a good little catholic girl to do??
Even though I made it (almost) two weeks - I did learn many new things:
1. I spent quality time with my husband.
2. I read more and relaxed more - which in turn, helped me stay focused at work.
3. I learned to tell myself no - and delay gratification.
4. I spent more time in actual conversation.
5. I got waaaay more cleaning done.
My final lesson - I will now learn to forgive myself. I am not perfect. ;-)

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