Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What did your Feb 17th look like?

I actually documented my day visually. Seriously. So how did you spend your day?

I started my day off with a BIG cup of Starbucks coffee. (Ground) and I added Italian Creme. This is my favorite coffee mug. I bought this mug back in 01 in NYC from a little trinket store near the theater district. SUPERSIZED. And you see my fabulous red coffee maker - given to me by my old room mate from college (for my wedding) - Lisa.

Then I went into the bathroom to prepare for my day. These are (and I am soo serious) my messy drawers. The top drawer has my medicine, tooth brush, toothpaste, moisturizers, eye cream, etc. Then the bottom drawer has my hair dryer, and other hair styling tools. LOL Needless to say.. this is what happened next.

After applying a tad bit of make up, getting dressed and grabbing my lunch - this is me. Can't you tell how sleepy I am? I did manage a smile for you!

Now it is time to grab my bags. Amazingly enough, I have managed to keep the same laptop/bag for about two years now. This bag is amazing and super strong. I opted for gray with black accents. I found it is business enough and neutral enough to work with whatever I am wearing.

Then I made sure I had my fabulous raspberry colored purse my sister purchased for me for Christmas. It's awesome and truly my favorite right now!!

Time to head to the car. And here it is. I drive a Volkswagon Beetle - 5 speed. Luckily I was frost free this morning!

Finally made it to work - and here is a basic look at what I see most hours of the day. You see my laptop, phone and glass case.

Next up - a Marketing/Communications conference call. Once a month my "team" touches base. Most of us are located in major metro areas in the southeast - we share ideas and touch base on major items coming up. Here is a look at our agenda.

Our conference call ends close to lunch time. I open my little yellow "Birmingham Parent Magazine" canvas bag and grab my Hummus, crackers and green olives. Yummmm

As much as I talk to people all day, sometimes my job can be very lonely. I am just one person in my department - and if I do not have an appointment, all I have is my desk and this view as I eat my lunch - as was the case for this day.

After lunch, I went through our National Casting Call DVD submissions and picked out the top three candidates. I got their information and contacted our local media sponsor to put the reel together. Amazing that one little email sent by me - could very well hold the key to someone getting national recognition on women and heart disease. Coool....

Next up - going though dozens of local/state newspapers for stories on Heart Disease. Yes - I have to scan every publication in my territory to find OUR story or our competition. Every two weeks I finally clear this out - only to pile right back up again.

NOW - I am tired. Yes, time for cup of Joe #2 - but this time with work coffee. PS - I am not a fan of Red Diamond coffee. Boooo. This is strictly a caffeination moment, nothing more.

Our manager finally have us a map of our territory. Note everything in green is me, with the grey circle in Alabama is where I have serious goals around. :-) I am TIRED.

Finally, around 2pm - I got to leave and head to Macy's Department Store for a quick meeting. Here is a look of our office building from my car.

After my trip to the mall, I made it home. First thing I did - take off my shoes. Cute aren't they? One of the first items Yass bought for me when he first got to the states.

Just because I am home, does not mean my work is done. I had to call my boss to ask for some ideas on convincing a major research hospital to become a cause sponsor. Part of my job is to come up with excellent marketing ideas to help our development staff sell, sell, sell.

Then I tackled another project. Each week I have to call media outlets in three states. I try to take notes next to each outlet's contact info. It helps me when calling them back - especially when I am pitching stories to the news departments.

Now I can get some house work done. Here is a pile of clean clothes laying across my stair step in my closet. Time to put them up!

Okay - time to grab dinner. (Alone) - Yass is at work. I grabbed that little plastic container of olives. Here you have my refrigerator. Doesn't get more personal than that. Let's see... here you see: egg container (brown organic), Italian Creamer, Jalapenos, Skim Milk, green olives, Limeade (in the pitcher), and bottled water (Yass's cold water in the orange bottle.) Second layer: crumbled feta, olivio butter, lite sour cream, fat free plain yogurt, sundried tomato hummus, cheese slices (left over mexican cornbread in that red topped container; 3rd layer: Turkey bacon on the left sitting on top of a container of ground turkey thawing, in the white plastic thing is greek chicken salad (yogurt, purple onion, garlic, chicken breast shredded, oregano & feta mixed together) and then tons of Lebanese flat bread.

Next I went for the Tahini. That's kept in the pantry. Here you can see a jar of salsa, all bran crackers, tahini, taco shells, sweet peas, foule (which is arabic for fava beans mix), diced tomatoes, tomato soup, and some ramen noodle soups for Yass.

Then I wanted a little falafel and frozen yogurt.

Finally - right before I decided to upload the pics - I decided to go through my library books. I plan on copying down some raw food recipes, and I am reading a few of the books you see below. One on Mother Theresa, one on praying the rosary and one on Zen meditation.

And this is it... it is now 7ish. This was a 12 hour journey with me.

What did you day look like? How much are we alike? Hmmm.. I wonder...

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