Monday, February 22, 2010

This will be a quick one

I don't have a whole lot of time to write this morning - but I wanted to start this Monday off with a BIG happy smile.

I know.. that does not seem like my personality at all.

But this is how I wish to feel. See the pic to the left?

A little blonde girl, with curly hair and a pink bow.. and she is giggling. This is what I want to unleash. My inner giggly girl.

(also - did you notice the pink tutu?? Oh yeah... my dream.. lol)

So today I want to feel good.

The sky is soooo dreary out. No one is in the office. I have my mid-year review tomorrow.

Basically I NEED to unleash the giggly little blonde girl.

I spent most of yesterday dealing with some things. Personal items. Handling my "business" as you might say.

I think that portion is cleared up for now.

I also went with the egyptian to see the movie "Shutter Island" last night. VERY good movie. I highly recommend it.

I guess I could at least leave you with a quote of the day:

To what greater inspiration and counsel can we turn than to the imperishable truth to be found in this treasure house, the Bible?” ~ Queen Elizabeth II

***For my Lenten Journey

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