Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday... to moi!

I find myself heading down the scale on the other end of my thirties. By the time I finish writing this post, it will probably officially be midnight and yes, I will be 37.

When did this happen?

I know I have joked about my birthday for days now. It's fun to complain and joke and tease about aging. But the truth is - 37 does not sound as young as 36.

Last night (which was Valentine's Day), the egyptian and I were enjoying a little mexican food at a local dive. While eating, I look across at the love of my life and said, "I think I am going to have some friends over tomorrow night for my 37th birthday." I announced this because I did not want to spend my birthday alone. My egyptian has to work tomorrow night.

After this announcement, he proceeds to lower his fork and say, "You will be 37?" I stopped eating and just looked at him. I said, "Yeah - you know this. 37." He begins staring out the window and says.. "Hmph..." and shakes his head.


Which brings me back to the whole idea of what a shocker it is to turn 37. Perhaps 38 won't be as bad. Because I will have adjusted to living within the other spectrum of my 30s. 37 versus 32. BIG difference in sounding young. 37 - 28. What do you think of that combo? Well that is what the difference is with my egyptian and I. Luckily, he will turn 29 in April - and that puts him in a different category in my mind. But for now - 37 - 28. HUGE difference.

Just how do I plan to celebrate this birthday? Well, it definitely will not be like year's past. Nope.

I will proudly host an unbirthday party for myself. How do you like that? unbirthday party.
Here are the rules:

1. No balloons
2. No cake
3. No alcohol
4. No happiness
5. No singing of culturally accepted celebration songs.

Yep.... people will just come, and well - sit. Hopefully I will successfully make them all miserable - as miserable as I feel to turn 37.

I told you I am a sweet girl??~!! LOL

Well - enough of that. I am tired now.. best to let the 36th year pass on.

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