Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And so it begins...

The day after. ;-) I ended up having a very Happy Birthday, thanks to a group of really fabulous people.

I am extremely blessed to have met the type of people that I have in Birmingham. What is so very interesting about them - NONE are from Birmingham.

I sat looking at my menagerie of friends, and saw an amazing group of talented, animated, intelligent people.

Last night, I had what I called an "unBirthday Party." I did not want balloons or cake or songs. I just wanted to sit around and have fabulous conversation.

First to arrive was Crystal. She came in holding nothing other than a bouquet of red balloons. *sigh* lol. She brought red plates, cups, forks & spoons - and a container of Raspberry flavored frozen yogurt called Raspberry Roadrunner. For me - she brought a piece of Tiramisu. Ahhh..

Second arrival was Julie. She came with a container of Hummus, crackers and an adorable swim cover up in blue by Liz Clairborne. Beautiful! (Julie and I go to the pool together in the summer time!!)

Third arrival was my friend Tiffany. Tiff gave me a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant!!

Fourth arrival was Ma'Moon. He brought a fabulous bottle of Alfred Sung's Shi perfume. :-)

Fifth arrival was Katie. She brought me a beautiful bouquet of tiger lilies.

6th & 7th - Collen & Kacie. They brought smiles!

We proceeded to play the game of Mad Gab - that was toooo much fun.

We laughed, we talked about our birthday's past and how things have changed. (This year no alcohol.)

So, I wake up on this ash Wednesday - no Facebook (I deactivated), yet contentment. Yesterday WAS a good day.

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