Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You Know You Were Raised In Macon, Georgia...

by Nicole Thurston
I got to thinking about all of those "You know you are from... " posts that I have read from time to time. I often chuckle and nod my head at the ones about southerners, Georgia, and a ton of other relatable posts. 

Why not write my own version? Pick the one place I am from, know, understand, and share my viewpoint!

Well... for better or for worse... here we go!

You Know You Were Raised in Macon, Georgia...  

1. The very first question you are asked when you meet someone is, "Where did you go to school?" No.. they are not talking about college, they are asking you what high school you attended.

2. Followed by... "Where do you go to church?" Both answers will either award you with a look of approval, or the forever dreaded eyebrow raise, followed by, "Uh huh.."
(For the record, I went to South West High School and attended St. Joseph's Catholic Church. A double eyebrow raise... considering this is the land of private schools and Protestants.)

3. That when you mention you want to get a hot dog, NuWay Weiners are the only choice. They have a distinct smell , they are red, and they are highly addictive. You will smell of onions for about a week, but it will be worth every little bite.

4. It is drilled into your head that southern rock is KING. You can name every southern rock band that got their start here, and will become offended when someone says they have not heard of Capricorn Records. The Allman Brothers Band songs are a staple at any outdoor BBQ.

5. Otis Redding. Little Richard. The Douglass Theatre. Three pieces of African American pop culture history we are most proud of.

6. Though the poets of the Civil War may not be the most popular to people elsewhere, growing up I believed Sidney Lanier to be the most important writer of all time. Yeah.. he was from here also.

7. Cherry Blossoms - we go crazy for pepto pink & bright green. Most people can recite exactly how many Cherry Trees are estimated to be planted within the county line!

8. If someone says they used to go riding around Godfather's, you know exactly where they are talking about. (Even though that place did not stay open long, and kids continued to cruise around that parking lot in south Macon calling it "Godfather's.")

9. You still remember the big, rough, incredibly dangerous water slide at Lake Tobo.

10. You believed with all of your heart that devil worshipers would gather in some random "cave" at Rose Hill cemetery back in the 80s. 

11. The "skating rink" and the "mall" was the best place to troll for boys & girls back in the day.

12. Speaking of the mall, Aladdin's Castle was where all of the cool kids hung out.

13. You still remember when West Gate mall had the best movie theater in town.

14. Gladys Lasky was THE name when it came to our community's Nutcracker.

15. Each Christmas Eve, you head to St. Joseph's, even if you are not Catholic.

16. Mama Louise served you the best fried chicken of your life.

17. If someone said you would grow up to work on the corner of Cherry Street, that was never a compliment. My, oh my, how times have changed. 

18. The Artist. No, I'm not talking about Prince.

19. You still call the place where the city has concerts, "The Coliseum."

20. Finally, Macon Whoopee is not a dirty phrase. 

1 comment:

Chuck Spires said...

Been gone many years now but Nu-Ways ARE the best and I ate at Shakeys then went to Godfathers to crews around and always went to Aladdin's Castle with a pocket full of quarters. AAAAW those memories.


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