Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Lots of caffeine = A positive attitude.

2. The ability to work and understand social media = free private ballroom dance classes. (Score!)

3. Another friend committed suicide. That's at least 8 people I have known in my life to actually take their own lives. I simply cannot process this. There is always hope. Always.

4. Spent a week deeply rooted in gratitude and it caused such joy.

5. I relaxed.... and it looks like I have let someone else in. I really like him. A lot. (Same guy for the past few months...

6. Which leads me to the best set up in the world for people in my age range trying to date. He moves into an apartment in the complex next door. Close by... yet separate residences. PERFECT. We can hang out.. but go home and have privacy. This may be the perfect situation yet!

7. What a blessing having Lynn as my roommate has turned out to be!

8. My kindle is full of tons of new books... and I cannot get enough reading done! I even sneak moments at red lights!

9. Work is a little demanding.. but I'm focused and making it happen!

10. Finally - did I mention I am simply happy? I am. Awesome.. eh?

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