Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's Resolution Edition 2013

It's time. Time to make that committment for the New Year. Luckily, I am super realistic (to a fault,) and realize that these are "wishes" and "hopes." My dream is to actually accomplish a few... 

Good news?

I kept them super simple.

What I would like to know in the comment section is, what are some of your "resolutions?"

With that being said...

I, Shauna Nicole Thurston, do solemnly resolve to do the following in 2014:
1. I have a blue jar. Next to the blue jar I will have a post it note pad and pen. Each night, before bed, I will write one thing that was simply amazing about the day. I will then fold the piece of paper and place it in my jar. On New Year's Eve of 2014, I will read each one and realize what an amazing year it was! This jar will have to be by my bed. I understand that I may not always be home, but I will try to remember to bring a post it note pad with me wherever I travel.

2. Rosetta Stone. Picking it back up. Even if it is only one day a week - I will study my French.

3. Ballroom Dance classes start back in mid-January. I bought ballroom dance shoes. I am so ready to commit to more classes! 

4. Yoga. I have all of the gear I need and some good DVDs. I would like to try and practice at least once a week. (Now it's time to purchase a new DVD player.)

5. I have a whole three book course on living a more creative life. I would like to actually follow the books and try some of the tips. Who knows what will come from it!

6. Mass. I want to be more regular with my attendance to mass. Also, I have signed up for the Adoration Chapel every Wednesday night from 9-10pm. Should be a nice time to meditate. Mid-week. 

7. Drink more water. Eat more fruit. Eat more veggies. It's simple, really.

8. Take a pottery class.

9. Cook more.

10. Take a photography class.

11. Purchase a bike, a helmet, and get a bike rack installed.

12. Unplug daily. This is a BIG one for me. I have a plan to disconnect in 2014. It's going to be awesome! (Don't worry.. I'll blog, just won't be online "playing" as much.)

13. Conquering clutter. I plan to simplify even more. 

14. Start saving the old fashioned way. I plan to budget with cash. (What a concept?!) I will get a small safe and have envelopes and mark them and budget accordingly. Once that "topic" is empty.. that's all I have!

15. Take a gun safety course. Purchase pepper spray. I work on a fairly deserted corner of downtown, and sometimes leave work late. It's time to arm.

16. Prioritize Sleep. Take naps. Rest. Rest. Rest.

17. I'm going to attempt to kick the diet soda habit. I typically only order them when I go out to eat, or maybe pick up one a day, however it's time to stop it once and for all.

18. Quit saying I'm sorry.

19. Do one pampering thing a month for myself (facial, massage, etc.)

20. Finally, to Pray more. 

Simple as that. 

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Hoosier Chick said...

Love them. Working on mine. Might steal some of yours.


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