Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life... as it is.

Still on the whole gratitude post kick. I will admit, I feel like I am pulling teeth trying to find things to write about. The truth is, I am happy - grateful - semi~content.

What more could I ask for?

When I look at my life as it is now, my schedule sort of says it all. I have this theory, it's one that I think you will agree with. I believe we make time for things that are important to us. Those very things are the items I have been trying to list out that I am most grateful for.

Here is basically how I spend my days:

6amish - Receive Good morning texts from someone special.
7am - Alarm goes off - I push snooze.
7:15am - Alarm goes off - I push  snooze.
7:30am - Cat crawls all over me... alarm goes off.. I yell at both... then push snooze.
7:45am - I reluctantly crawl out of bed. Go to bathroom. Feed cats. Put Kcup in the Keurig. Brew coffee.
8am - Jump in shower. Don't really think about anything.
8:10am - Drink coffee... watch news.
8:20am - Might cook bacon, or grab a yogurt, or scramble an egg. If not - Head straight to ponder what to wear.
8:30am - Eat or start makeup.
8:45am - Finish makeup and blow dry hair. Put on clothes.
8:50am - Head out the door.
9am - Arrive at work. Fix another cup of coffee.
Noon - Lunch (either head home or go out with friends.)
1:30ish - WORK
5:30ish - Meetings/Extra Service projects/dance class/gym/something.. etc.
7pmish - Head home. Feed cats. Change into Tshirt and yoga pants
7:30ish - Cook dinner
8:00pm - Watch tv.. chat with roomie or boyfriend comes over
10pm - read/hot bath
11pm - bedtime.

That's a typical day.

Priorities? What do you see? What are your priorities?


Steve Finnell said...


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The apostle Peter on the Day of Pentecost quoted the prophet Joel, Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." (NKJV)

The apostle Peter preached the first gospel sermon under the New Covenant. Peter did not tell the 3000 converts to believe and say the sinner's prayer.

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2. They believed that God raised Jesus from the grave.
3. They repented. Repentance is a change of heart. Repentance means to be converted so that God may forgive your sins. Repentance is to make the intellectual commitment to turn from sin and turn toward God. (Acts 3:19, Acts 2:38)
4. They were immersed in water (baptized) so that their sins could be forgiven.

How did the 3000 on the Day of Pentecost not call on the name of the Lord?
1. They did not say a sinner's prayer.
2. Not one person was asked to pray for forgiveness.
3. Not one single man was told to be baptized as a testimony of his faith.
4. No one was told that water baptism was a just an act of obedience.
5. No one was informed they were saved the very minute they believed.
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7. Not one person was told to be baptized so they could join a denominational church.

Jesus said he that believes and is baptized shall be saved. (Mark 16"16) Jesus did not say he who believes and says a sinner's prayer shall be saved.


Erin said...

My priorities are family first, then convenience. Sometimes I get the two mixed up (like going out west for Christmas to be with family...but it's inconvenient. It seems like an obvious choice until I start thinking about where to put my dog, traveling with an 18 month old, etc etc etc. Silly but true.)


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