Sunday, December 8, 2013

And so I went public


The truth is...

I've been seeing someone for a while. But in typical Nicole fashion, I have kept it sort of on the down low and I was totally down playing it on here.


I just made it Facebook official. Yeah, I'm in a relationship.

(That's weird... you know? Dating during social media...)

I kept wondering - when do you go public? Do you have a conversation about it? How does it work?


Which forces people to sort of "have the conversation"... you know? 

This guy... and yes, I'll tell you his name - Big Guy. Yep.. that's his name for here.. (I say that because he is 6'3 and sort of big.. as in.. he used to be a cage fighter... and a bouncer... for fun. Uh.. yeah.) Not big as in obese.. big as in solid as a rock. Muscles... you know?

Anyway... Big Guy and I went out on a few dates back in.. late July and sort of hung out for a few weeks or so, or maybe it was a month.. I don't know... I lose track, because I was dating other people at the same time. Then I sort of put it on hold, because someone else came into my life that I had a little crush on.. and that sort of quickly became a "friends only" thing. Anyway.. when that ended, I sort of called Big Guy back up and was like... "Okay.. Okay... I'm ready."

He's a good guy. He's a hard working guy. He's from Florida and only moved to Georgia back in June. I've met his family... they adore me. He had Thanksgiving with mine (here at my house...) and he was living in Dublin....

Well.... he wanted to be closer.. so he got an apartment in Macon, in a complex right near mine. Yep.. sort of neighbors.. but not. Not bad, eh? He seems to adore me, and my room mate says he is genuinely a nice guy and agrees he seems to be happy with me. Though he brought up the "relationship thing" a while back.. and I brushed him off... I finally broke down and had the talk.

Anyway... we spent the entire weekend hanging out, and finally I was like.. "Okay.. we're together. We're not seeing anyone else. Is this a thing or what?"

He laughed and said, "Oh Lord... labels."

I said, "oh - no... you don't get off the hook that easy. The last few guys I've dated were like that. Either you are in.. or you need to free up my time."

He smiled... he hugged me... and said, "Of course. I'm in."

Sooo.. now I can relax and just enjoy the company of one person for a while. It's nice.

But that whole social media thing. I did it.. because I constantly get things from people saying they want to set me up with someone, or they know how tough it is to be single, or always shooting advice my way.. and honestly.. I just wanted to say to the world - "I've moved on. I'm okay."

And I have.

This does not mean this is my one and only.

It just means.. this is my right now. I choose him. I'm going to relax now, and just go with the flow.


Empty Nester said...

Yay for you! You are so deserving of some happy in your life and I'm glad you're getting it! Deanie (DD2) spent Thanksgiving in Macon with her new boyfriend's family.

Robyn Burke said...

:) <3


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