Monday, December 30, 2013

Spreading a Little Pixie Dust

Boy oh boy... did I get fired up yesterday by some nonsense.  

However, I went to bed with a clear head and woke up refreshed. Apparently I had one of those deep sleeps where you hardly move - my arm was so dead asleep (from me sleeping on my side,) that it took close to 10 minutes just to get the feeling back in it.

With that being said, tomorrow is the final day of the year. I believe I am closing out 2013 fairly strong. I had to make some hard decisions this year, but I am positioned for success and adventure in the coming year. 

Sure... there is no telling what's to come in 2014. It's full of hope and dreams, and I am sure I will experience my fair share of heartbreak and loss - why? Because it's life. My job is to weather the storm, dig in deep, and roll with the punches.

I got to thinking about all of the good that happened this year. Not the bad. There was a LOT of good. Though, when I write, I tend to share the bad. lol - It's what I do.

I sort of went back through my year... and here is what I remember (highlight wise) of 2013.


- I spent New Year's eve with one of my absolute best friends, Margaret!
- I became a Macon Tourism Ambassador - vowing to promote the beautiful attractions and history of Macon. (Which, btw, is really very cool. I mean it.)
- I joined Leadership Macon, Class of 2013, and spent a super cool weekend at Rock Eagle getting to know some of the nicest people in Macon.
- I promoted and fund raised for our largest event - All That Jazz - and did a hell of a good job.
- Got to meet Phil Perry & Pieces of a Dream!


- I promoted Death By Chocolate and had a fantastic time at the event
- I promoted Black History Month
- I started back at the gym
- I started Weight Watchers (again) and began to lose what would turn out to be 8 pounds
- I had an epic "Breakfast at Tiffany's birthday party
- Yes, yes.. I turned 40
- I got a raise!
- Began Rosetta Stone in French


- I promoted Women's History Month 
- I started a container garden
- I finally got to see Sir Elton John in concert


- I promoted a kick ass Pan African Festival
- Was asked for a divorce (which turned out to be a good thing)
- Ended the month on my own - and I didn't die


- Spent tons of time with my niece
- Met a wonderful man 


- Took a fantastic trip to: Helen, Cherokee, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg
- Spent some time at the pool
- My garden flourished
- Promoted and ran an incredible International Taste of Soul


- Ended my rebound relationship
- Dated about three other guys (learned to date again)
- The egyptian and I are friends again


- Took a fun "girls beach trip" to Hilton Head, SC
- Dated another guy
- Began our Leadership Macon project


- Took time off from dating
- Re evaluated my life


- Got a roomie!
- Started dating someone new (Big Guy)
- Took a day trip to Savannah with some friends


- Celebrated Thanksgiving at my house
- Worked hard to plan for 2014 (work wise)


- Celebrated a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends

It's been good. It's been calm. Here is a look back at my year - Warning, there is music... either turn your speakers down, or crank them up!


Empty Nester said...

I've enjoyed the 2013 journey with you. Your courage is inspirational and your positivity contagious. I love that you get rid of your frustrations/negativity via writing. The slide show was great! And you and Big Guy- look great together!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.


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