Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dear Santa, 2013 Edition

Dearest Santa,

I have been really, REALLY good this year. I exhibited patience, when really I wanted to strangle people. I exhibited positive energy, when really I wanted to do was sleep. I even went so far as to adopt two shelter cats, which may or may not be the reason I won't get my deposit back on my apartment.

With all of that being said, I do have a few items to request. They are quite simple, really.
Here is my pictorial list:

These shoes. I have been eyeballing them all year. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Could I be more in love with a necklace? I don't think so. It sort of covers the whole gambit of beliefs. Adorable for warding off the evil eye!

I have this completely irrational fear of driving off a bridge - this little contraption may be the perfect thing - it's cuts your seat belt and allows you to crash a window out.

Did you hear a hallelujah chorus? I did.

I am completely digging this banana bowl. Obsessed with it, really.

I would be a happy girl with this bag. I think it is adorable.

As much as I LOVE my hot bubble baths each night (as I read,) I would love to have a bathside table.

This is beautiful. It's from the Catholic Company.. I would love to wear this. GREAT gift (family) - hint hint.. and I think it's under $30

So we have this rule at the apt about grills.. BUT.. I bet I could sneak this bad boy and use it. LOVE the concept.

I found the bathing suit I want for next year!!

This is perfect for my bedside table!

I need to print this and send it to my hair dressser.. I am totally digging the color. I think this may be next.

I've been wanting new dinnerware.. I love this botanical set.

This just brings out the little girl in me! I WANT!

I think I found the perfect dress for All That Jazz. Of course... I won't look like THAT in it.. but I love it.


Perfect for me.

This would be PERFECT for my bedroom.

Because Wonder Woman needs an apron.

Is this not precious? I love the color.

Finally - for the cast iron skillet. Those handles get HOT!

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