Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

1. Neutering DID NOT calm Zen Kitty down. (That is a myth... well.. worked with all of my other cats.. just not HIM.) lol

2. Coffee is the difference between me being in a good mood and me jumping off a roof.

3. I am beginning to value the relationships I have created more and more each day. I know that sounds a little twisted. But trying life alone, you realize how important the people that play a role in your life (even if it is part time,) is so important.

4. I'm starting to put a plan into place for future. Nothing radical, just ideas are popping up. (Like buying a condo, a new car, readjusting my volunteer activities.)

5. I am my own cheerleader. I have to accept that. I did not grow up with encouragement (not verbally.) I do not have anyone right now that will give me a little pat on the back. Sooo... I need to be my own best friend in that respect. It's okay. It's not a vent, just something I need to do more of.

6. I'm very excited about our Leadership Macon project. It totally goes along with my political philosophy that EVERYONE deserves health care. We are building and implementing a free surgical day center. More details later... trust me... it's exciting!

7. Planning a nice vacation with my friend T. Should be a lot of fun. Down to the Gulf or to the east coast? Decisions ... decisions...

8. New hair cut. It's subtle... but the length is still there. (I'm growing it back out.) I like it.. added a few layers...

9. Bacon.

10. Still studying my French. I would like to learn a new language by Rosetta Stone next year. What shall it be???

11. I am in heaven right now - coffee, a Moving Up marathon on TLC, and two beautiful cats in my eye line.

12. Working on that "pulling myself out of a funk" mode today.

13. I love wine.

14. Power tools. I would not mind having a drill.

15. I'm running out of quality books to read. Blah.

16. It has rained every single day for weeks now. It's humid as anything. BUT.. it's not as "hot" as it normally is this time of year. I'll take the heat over this rain any day.

17. However, the humidity is EXCELLENT for my plants. I have like a natural little green house going on.

18. Watching people pull tile... it looks sort of fun. I want to demo some one's kitchen... lol

19. I'm thinking of breaking out my sewing machine again. Hmmm.. we'll see. (Laura, where are you when I need you?)

20. I've dropped a few pounds... just cutting back on a few things, hardly even trying. Excellent.

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