Saturday, July 6, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

1. Give and you will receive.

2. Do not, I repeat- Do Not - allow others to dictate your emotions. No one can steal your joy. Period.

3. I do care.. I really do. It hurt when I saw the papers, but I was able to let it go. I think this just proves I am waaay more emotionally stable than I thought I might be. lol

4. Kindness, respect, and laughter are super attractive traits.

5. My interests, my energy, and my needs are evolving.

6. I think I need to buy a condo. Seriously. Maybe a two year goal? (See where I am in two years...)

7. Gave myself an impeccable pedicure. Feet look sparkly. And I hate feet.

8. I am totally loving my summer dresses. I just don't want to even look at pants this time of year down here. Just too damned hot.

9. Speaking of hot - Not only is it hot, like steamy hot, it's also incredibly rainy. Imagine being sweaty and gross...then you get caught in a down pour... so you never really dry off. TERRIBLE weather this time of year.

10. I am still on my citrus kick. Loving it.

11. I have finally obtained a little color on my body (not my face.) Thank you Jergens. LOL

12. Those damned cats have ripped my leather dining room chairs to shreds. As my friend "T" says.. "Stupid cats."

13. Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins ROCK.

14. Ribs are over rated. (sooo over ribs.) BUT.. that blueberry thing mom made was the bomb!

15. OMG - That Shark Week commercial is GENIUS. That looks like something my old TV friends and I would think up. Haven't seen it? Check it out here:

16. Sooo.. my trip to Warner Robins to have Zen Kitty neutered was uneventful.If you follow me on Vine, you will see video of my predicament.

17. I wish I was on a boat.

18. I need a good muscle relaxer.

19. I'm so over politics. I don't even care anymore. Seriously. I went from caring to thinking republics are completely nuts and the democrats are delusional. Just done.

20. I was really grasping to get to 20 this week.

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