Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Suburbs Are Scary

I'm sitting at a Starbucks in town that has nothing but strip malls. Blah.

Mr. Zen Kitty is hanging out at a mobile Vet unit getting neutered, micro chipped and his Rabies shot. Did I mention it is in a town 40 minutes from my house? Yep.

You see, I searched long and hard for the perfect black kitten. Mr. Zen stole my heart online, and two weeks later, I made a point to adopt him. He was too young to have all of his shots and surgery, but with the adoption fee, I was scheduled for these things. Sooo... I am sitting in a neighboring town, just killing time. Oh how I wish there was more to do than just eat at chain restaurants and shop in chain stores. 1. I am about to go on vacation and do not feel like spending now 2. I don't need anything. 

Look what I am going through just to be a good kitty mommy?! With that being said, I hope his surgery goes well. He did not enjoy the ride over. He was anxious - doing the meow/pant thing. I opened his little cat carrier and rubbed his neck, but I had to remove my hand on several occasions to change gears (I drive a 5 speed,) and lo and behold.. he tried to escape. You should have seen me... driving down the highway, changing gears, trying to corral a cat back into his carrier. Dios mio!

I used my trusty app - WAZE (thanks Telisa for telling me about it) and found my way to the spot. Once he and I got there, all I saw were dog people. Again... we are all a different breed. The dog people, looking completely granola and smelly, were waiting patiently to fill out their paperwork. The organizer of the spay/neutering day was out greeting everyone, everyone except me and the cat. I wonder if either A - I am unapproachable or B - dog people do not gel with cat people. Speaking of which, I am beginning to think I am unapproachable. People typically do not greet me, or reach out to me. I have to make the first move, then they seem.. well... relieved. Is there something wrong with me? Sheesh.

After I dropped my little man off (omg.. he looked terrified... with all of this huge pitbull dogs near him waiting to be fixed.. omg.. he looked like a beautiful snack..) I took off for some sustenance. I saw a Hardees and debated going in. Instead I headed over to IHOP, thinking I could camp out for a while and just fill up and fuel up. The IHOP in Macon has free WIFI. In Warner Robins? Absolutely not. Sooo.. I ended up ordered a delightful breakfast: Country fried steak (which I ate maybe a 1/4,) scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns and it also came with two pancakes. Blech. Too. Much. Food. The place started filling up quickly, and my latest issue of Psychology Today was not doing it for me.. so I headed across the street to Starbucks. (Where I am right now.) I ordered a tall iced vanilla latte and I hope to make this home for at least another hour or so. Blech. Strip mall hell. I wish I knew of a good park (though it's hot as hades and it looks like the sky will fall out soon.) Instead I suppose I will wander over to the Museum of Aviation. (Someplace I have visited 1/2 a dozen times.) THOUGH.. it is the largest of its kind outside of the Air & Space Museum in DC. Also, God bless our tax dollars- it's free! It's so large, I could get lost for at least a couple of hours. Another good idea is to hit the dollar theater (which does not open until after 1pm.) So I do have a few options.

(Can you tell I am babbling?)

Soooo.. what are your plans for the 4th? Tomorrow I am supposed to head to Olive Forge Herb Farm for a private lunch time cook out. Tomorrow night my family is coming over with ribs and other tasty treats. I am looking forward to a carnivorous day! LOL

Then back to grind on Friday. I am working on our website at work. Whole new format and concept. It's a bit of a beast, considering how robust it is now. My idea is to simplify it. 

Then Friday night, my new "friend" who I will give the nick name "T"- we plan to hop in my little bug, open the sun roof and take off for the coast. We could take his convertible mustang, but the gas mileage on that baby is like 12 miles to the gallon. The VW Bug will be more efficient. We are driving 4 hours to Kingsland, Georgia - right at the southern tip of the Golden Isles

Make sure to click on the words above - the Golden Isles.. More good news? It's 2 1/2 hours to Savannah - then hang a right and it's coastal all of the way down. You pass the beautiful cities mentioned on the website... and then you end up in Kingsland/St Mary's. That whole area is on the Georgia/Florida line, and a short 45 minute drive from Jacksonville, Florida.

"T" and I will be staying at my friend Lisa's home. Originally we were not sure if we were going down, but when Lisa told me that her daughter's room would be available and for us to please, please, please come - how could I say no? THEN.. there was a mishap in info from her other friend visiting, and now Lisa is offering to give up her bedroom to make sure T and I come down. I felt terrible about that and offered to cancel the trip, but she kept insisting I should come.  It looks like it will be her, her daughter, T & Me, and our other friend and her husband. The other friend is also bringing her entire family down, but they are apparently splitting up between a hotel and Lisa's house. It should be a good time. Lisa has planned a beach party for Saturday (complete with volleyball, etc.) I'm looking forward to it, I just hope it's relaxing.. and not go go go! :-) (Yes, Lisa.. that was a hint.) lol. I am packing some food to cook at her home (to save a little money.) (See... I promised this trip would be my treat, BUT it falls on the wrong weekend $$ wise.) Still trying to recover from the divorce financially. Though I have always handled everything, I had to pay for new deposits, etc. My rent just went up and I had to pay to get my car fixed. Expensive summer for me.

I think I have killed enough time on the blog. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.
Now... to find something else to do... to look busy on this computer... so I can sit a little while longer.  ;-)

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