Saturday, July 20, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

1. I think I should just decline all invites to events. (Possibly out of spite.) Why would anyone expect me to attend their event/parties/fundraisers/cook-outs/etc. when I can hardly get them to do anything I want? Blech.

2. I can be bitter from time to time. See #1.

3. Cats are wonderful to cuddle and pet and look at. It just hit me as I was organizing my "holiday" closet that Christmas will be here soon and THAT'S when the war will begin. (Cats + Christmas Trees = Psycho Nicole.

4. I can nap now. I really can. PLUS - I've learned how to relax. It's amazing. Took me 40 years.

5. Margaritas can sometimes be the cure to the common day.

6. When I look at my more organized projects, it makes me smile. Even my DVDs look incredibly organized. I smile when I glance over there.

7. I feel completely blessed that when I get off of work, I can simply go home and do whatever I want. It's a great feeling. No kids to feed and put to bed. No dogs to walk. No demanding families. No overly needy friends. I am just responsible for me. I planned my life well. ;-)

8. Back to reading the Sookie Stackhouse Series. On the next to the last book. PLUS - today my package should be here - True Blood Season 5. YAY!

9. I'm throwing a Divorce Party tonight. The theme? Nothing. Simple. I'm providing some food, some drink, (mainly margaritas) and I invited 40 of my closest friends. Of course, that means 5 people will show up - but they will be 5 people who care and I always believe we make time and prioritize what matters most to us. :-)

10. I think I have a solid idea of how I would like to schedule my days - which I think I need to do to stay focused. I made a little list of the top 5 things that I would like to prioritize and I think it's going to work out wonderfully!

That's all I've got this week. SOOOOOO MUCH HAS HAPPENED and I just need to process.
I'll be back with lots of stories. I'm just exhausted right now and need a little break.

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