Friday, July 26, 2013

What's Trending in My World

I sort of came up with an idea - why not share with you what I am chiming in about?! I know there are reports all of the time about "What is trending" here and there, but each of us have different interests, so maybe what is trending "out there" is not exactly what is trending in your bubble.

Each Friday, I will add "What's Trending in My World." Maybe it bores you, maybe you roll your eyes.. but these are stories, things, ideas that sparked my interest and got me talking this week.

Let's just jump in and get it started.

For one, I discovered a new musical artist out of New Zealand. Her "name" is Lorde and her voice is simply incredible, and a wee bit haunting- and get this... she is only 16! I think we'll be hearing more from her in the coming months. 

Another tid bit that caught my attention was the issue with the Detroit Art Museum. I am completely disturbed that the city of Detroit sees the museum as a potential piggy bank to solve the city's financial problems. EEK. Click on the link above and learn about the top pieces of art that could potentially be sold off to the highest bidder. 

One of my personal favorites at the museum would be Henry Fuseli's "The Nightmare." 

This photo sort of paints the perfect picture of the superstition behind sleep apnea. Seriously. 


Another things that I am just chitter chattering all about is this fantastic wedding dance! You guys know I am crazy about dance, and I think a creative first dance is the way to go (unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to have a partner willing to try... wait .. wait.. the egyptian did dance with a sword on his head, never mind!) This wedding "first dance" is really cute. Make sure to stick with it... the first part is a little long.. but it's a great dance medley.

Speaking of Egypt... I know many of you probably do not keep up with what is going on over there, and of course, I still do - considering there are many people I love deep in the thick of the conflict. 

It's getting pretty heated, and it is definitely a country "divided." Here is a little sneak peek:

I am totally pumped about this new project a couple of insanely talented animators are working on, but they need OUR help. 

Watch this:

How much fun would a movie like THAT be? I LOVE it.

Finally, the latest little tid bit of inspiration I got this week was from a Ted Talk by one of my absolute favorite writers, Elizabeth Gilbert. 

Lord have mercy, can those of us in the creative industries completely relate to this or what?

Alright.. that's what I've been buzzing about this week. What has you talking? Which of these stories were the most interesting to you? 

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