Friday, July 19, 2013

Questions I Often Ask Myself...

My friend, Telisa, who has known me a really long time and will oftentimes act as the person who will keep me in check, always gives me a little hell over some of the random things I say openly to her. I won't typically ask these questions or make these statement in public or to just anybody, however I honestly don't understand some things some times. 

The inspiration for this post comes from a meeting I attended yesterday. One of the participants came in wearing something that sort of baffled me. Now if my close friends were there, I would have raised an eyebrow and they would have instantly known what I was thinking... but since I was sitting alone, I just sort of kept my sarcastic comments to myself.

With that being said (and most of this is completely tongue-n-cheek,) here is a list of the top 20 questions/statements that honestly baffle me and are Nicole-isms.

1.  Sequins during the day are a no-no. I love to be sparkly and shiny, just like the next girl, but sequins before dinner sort of freak me out.

2. Wear a properly fitted bra. My goodness, ladies. Ladies.. Ladies.. Ladies... There is a lot of boobage just hanging around and it freaks me out. Look, I get it - mine are HUGE... and yes, my bras are specially ordered and yes, it's rare to find one that supports properly for less than $60.. but believe me... It makes a WORLD of difference.

3. There is this thing called concealer. You can buy it at the cosmetic counters. I personally use Clinique's line smoothing in light. Please consider using it. When I moved back to Macon, I noticed that there was a lack of coverage on a LOT of ladies. Dark circles and bags are not attractive. Come on, let's cover that up.

4. Flip Flops with dresses are really a no-no. I have even seen women wear them with suits. No.. No.. No. Flip flops with short, okay.. I'll give you a pass. Beach/pool - of course (even I wear them then.) With jeans? Hell no. I just hate that look. Sorry.

5. Sitting with a group of friends and everyone is on their phone. The. Whole. Time. I get checking in, and I get posting pics.. but once all that is said and done - STOP.

6. Why do people feel the need to offer relationship advice when they don't really know you?

7. I think doctors should keep their personal opinions about life to themselves. Had an interesting encounter yesterday. It really is okay to just listen to my heart, ask me to take about 4 deep breaths and send me on my way.

8. I will never understand why people insist on interrupting you when they see you are on the phone. I can be in my office (any office - any job) and someone will just burst right in and start talking to me or asking me for something - EVEN with the door shut.

9. Why do so many big women where clothing that looks like sausage casing? I will be walking through a mall, the theater, church, tons of places and these voluptuous women are wearing clothes that are about 2 sizes too small. You know ladies, they make plus size clothing for you. You don't have to shop in juniors any more. Sheesh. (I know.. because I am a "voluptuous" chica.)

10. Nail art. Just not sure how I feel about it. Definitely don't think it is appropriate for work.

11. Why oh why do uniform/work shirts have to be boxy polos, manly button downs, and square t-shirts? Yuck.

12. How can people say they support the arts, but only support certain venues?

13. Why do so many women claim they are on a diet, I watch as they drink their green/powdery things in the morning.. and when we all go out to lunch, they pile up on the chicken wings.

14. Relationships. OMG. I know.. I know... Yes, I write about mine here, sometimes. But a blog is an appropriate place for it. Sure, you want to announce you are married on FB. Yes, let folks know you are moving on... celebrate the milestones. We don't need a play by play of your anger after a break up OR how much you love each other every day. I assure you, we are all rolling our eyes.

15. It drives me insane when people suddenly want to get riled up about race. People, racism exists everyday. This recent issue is horrible, but come on.. NOW you notice?

16. Why is it terrible to insult white and black people (and we freak out,) but we have no problem hurting muslims, jews, asians, and everyone else that does not look like a white or black American/Christian?

17. How do people NOT love coffee? I'm scared of those people.

18. Oh.. this one always gets me... people who are scared to try new things or even travel (if given the chance.) What is up with that? Ethnic foods, independent and foreign films.. and a long laundry list of a million other things... so many people sort of turn up their noses. They won't even give it a try!

19. People who don't tip. You do realize that you are also supposed to tip the maids at the hotel, your hair dresser, the person who washes your hair at the hair dresser, and at least a dollar per bag at the hotel. These are just a few places I notice many people do not leave money and it sort of drives me insane.

20. Finally, people who make ridiculous lists like this one. ;-)


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