Sunday, September 1, 2013

Damn You, September.

Maybe September and I should reintroduce ourselves. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. Maybe.. just maybe... I can turn things around.

God willing.

I've always looked forward to Fall; It's September that gets me down every time. 

Do you think I am exaggerating? Au contraire. 

I have proof:

Remember the time, it was back in 09, when I decided to try some "September Resolutions?" Yeah, that did not work out so well. Oh it goes on and on.. just read basically in post in September, usually hard core things happen. I wish I could just erase it all.. and not get caught up in the superstition. I wish there was some way I could perform some little ceremony to wash away the bad joo joo. 

I actually decided to google "overcoming bad luck" and yes, as you can imagine, there are tons of ideas. 

I found this Feng shui website that goes into great detail. Here is a quick look at what they recommend:
- Take a salt water bath. While soaking, they recommend imagining a spot of bright light at our forehead and slowly suppressing all the dark energy down words through the meridians of our chakras as we bathe. The salt is supposed to be cleansing, and washing away negative energy. (For example, after a day at the beach..)
- Power Energy Water Bath: Apparently this type of bath involves fresh flowers. Apparently the energy of the earth that enters the flowers then is released into the water. 
- Improve the flow of energy. Apparently this involves decluttering, spring cleaning, burning some sandalwood incense, and installing a small water fountain or some free flowing item. Time to unblock the chi.
- Tap into the fire energy. Light up your home with candles and bright light. The fire energy produced will diffuse away bad energy. Turn on your lights every where in the home so that there is no area left dark.
- Display a luck enhancing fan. This may be the game changer. Apparently the idea is to change your luck - redirect it. 
- Carry protective charms. 
- Work on my karma through charitable works.
- Finally.. and this is my favorite - travel out of the country. lol.. BOOM.. excuse to travel.

You know.. I don't necessarily think any of things combined or alone will change my luck. I don't know why really big bad things happen in September. I do know that what I can control is how I react to things.

All of those scary monsters.. I've met them face to face. I've failed really big. I lost everything... and some how.. some way.. I found my way back. For me, that some way was God.  


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