Sunday, September 22, 2013

Colorful Transitions

I'm trying like crazy to just embrace the process. 
One day is phenomenal, with unlimited possibilities.
The next day is nothing more than God's unfaltering.. "Not this time, Nicole."

If you are just beginning to follow my blog, let me catch you up on the past four years of the journey. When I began this story - my story - I had just successfully worked the entire immigration system and got my egyptian into the country, and we were happily married, living in Birmingham. I had a great job, a great apartment, great friends, and honestly I was doing wonderfully. 

Then life happened.

I now find myself living in my hometown of Macon, Georgia, in another great job, in a cute apartment, with more great friends... but this time I am taking the path of singledom. 

You'll soon discover that most of my blog posts are about human relationships, specifically the ones I find myself in. Either it's with friends, or a romantic interest. I was 36 when I started this Destination: Unknown. Since then I have gotten married, divorced, lost a job, lived unemployed for 9 months, and completely rebuilt my life.

Now I am documenting that struggle to make this journey alone. 
Folks, this is not an easy road to walk.

 I have experienced a multitude of ups of downs when it comes to my personal life. This past week was no exception.

My question tonight for all of you - how do you maintain balance, when nothing seems to make sense anymore?

I made a comment to one of my closest friends the other day, I said, "Sometimes I just want my old life back. Even when I was unhappy. I least THEN I knew what to expect."

How effed up is that?

Have a great week, folks!

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