Monday, September 30, 2013

And like that..


You know, they say when you least expect it, someone will walk into your life and just make it a little better.

A few months ago, I sort-of reconnected with an old friend. We did not really know one another well, but our paths crossed numerous times and we knew a lot of the same people. As with everything in my life, the timing was just bad. His mom was sick, and he was flirting with the idea of getting back together with an old girl friend. Then the mom died, and the girl stuck around. We continued to talk, joke, and we laughed and said that it probably just would not happen in this lifetime.

Then.. well.. it did.

He settled his family affairs.
He told the girl that he needed to move on.
Then he called me and said, "Let's get together."

And so it begins.

Apparently we are going to give this thing a go. Slowly....

He is one year older than I.. divorced... extremely tall... and extremely talented. A New Orleans trained chef and local musician. A funny guy.. and seems to have a heart of gold.

The jury is still out on what will come of any of this. But.. it's nice to know that someone I am actually interested in is equally interested in me.

Time will tell..

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