Saturday, September 14, 2013

Things I am Obsessing Over

I thought I would share with you the latest I am "obsessing" over - you know, the songs, the clothes, the random items I suddenly discover that I simply "just can't live without."

Let's begin, shall we?

First thing is the color of fall. No, I'm not stating this is the color that represents fall, but rather this is the color that will be HOT this fall. It was all the rage at NY's Fashion Week. It's called Oxblood. Don't believe me - google it.
 Everything from belts, to nail polish, to furniture, to skirts - the hot color is Oxblood, and I have to say - I love it. Probably one of my favorite shades of red, and you know how I love red lipstick and nails.

Next.. is this instagram Polaroid camera. Is this thing for real?
I went to a website and discovered that is a concept camera right now. Regardless - if it actually comes out - I WANT IT.

I'm sure you've seen these outdoor chairs - but I am IN LOVE with them.
And yes - they are for real. Check out the website HERE.

Now I realize this could totally have been staged by his publicist, but it is nice to see and hear such wonderful feedback. We all know this is true.. and I love it. If you have not seen this video, take a moment and watch. Intelligence is sexy.

I'm always sharing the latest videos of songs that I SWEAR are going to be hot. Remember the last song I shared? LORDE's song? Yep.. I'm finally seeing people talking about it. Now.. here is something a little silly.. mark my word.. it's coming:

They are from Norway. lol

Also, I have subscribed to Flula's Youtube's channel. He updates on crazy American idioms. I am usually rolling with laughter.. this guy is brilliant. I try to get a daily dose..

Finally.. for my non southern friends.. I love this video and man oh man.. it's so true! LOL

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