Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

Wow. One week at 40. What did I learn?

1. Naps are delicious. I actually took a nap Every.Single.Day. I feel wonderful and apparently, I needed it.

2. Heels all night + dancing = One week of leg and foot pain. 

3. I want to live at least another 40 years, I went to my General Practitioner and spent 2 hours with him, going through all of my risk factors and creating a plan of action. We will have a 3 month check up and see how things have turned around. For the FIRST TIME, I feel like I am armed with a plan. Not just a band aid for the BP. But an honest to goodness plan. I WILL be off BP meds by 45. I will NOT become a diabetic like my parents and grandparents. I WILL have a healthy BMI. It's all possible.

4. Home? Up and down.

5. Lately, a wild hair to buy a home has been sneaking in. I have NEVER wanted to buy. I need to educate myself on this process. I would love to get one of those downtown that have been renovated inside (I remember the Historic Macon people doing a presentation at Rotary.) What really stuck out to me was how INEXPENSIVE these homes were. Hmmm...

6. My bestie (I know she will laugh when she reads that I actually used the word bestie,) Telisa, got married to a wonderful Italian, by the name of Daniele. Mr. & Mrs. Asaro will have a wonderful Italian themed reception late March, outside by their lake. Rumor has it she is working on making lemon cello. (Takes about a month.) I've been working on her play list for music. Lots of Italian favorites and of course, an unlimited amount of Andrea Bocelli. *sigh*

7. I am in love with the Sookie Stackhouse series. I am such a dork. I actually bought all four seasons of True Blood on DVD. They should arrive from Amazon any day now!

8. You know what I love about living in an apartment? When packages arrive, they go to the office. Safe and I don't have to drive to the Post Office. :-)

9. My friends who really love me are the absolute best people in the world. No doubt about it. They love me, even when I am unlovable.

10. I truly racked up on Birthday gifts. I doubt I can remember everything off hand - but here is a photo!!

11. I am in love with Crunch Berry Cereal. As in Captn Crunch. Sooo bad for you. 

12. I don't drink milk. So much Crunch Berry is dry.

13. Since I changed a few blood pressure meds, I'm having some really ODD dreams. LOL

14. I want to rearrange my room. But I can't figure it all out.

15. I miss Auttie Blossom and would love to spend the weekend with her - but I am a little on the tired side. She requires attention 24/7.

16. I certainly wish Waffle House was near me. As in a block away. Sad, but I just want an omelet.

17. I'm not sure if I will get out of bed. Seriously. I'm in bed right now.

18. One chore I hate above all others? Cleaning the tub. It's a physical feat.

19. My hands go numb when I type. Carpal Tunnel??

20. One word. Coffee.

1 comment:

Leanne said...

This list made me laugh out loud! Lovely gifts for the birthday girl! Love #3 . . . I am working on my own process for that right now, too. Love #14 . . . I am a strong believer in changing my surrounds regularly - I do not like when my space becomes old. And #20 . . . truly is my saving grace each and every day, and the very first thing I think of when I open my eyes in the morning. Happy Saturday, my friend! Happy 40th Year! Happy happy you!


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