Monday, February 11, 2013

Celebrating the past 40.

I'm getting all sentimental over my life. I am creeping up on 40 and just looking back over the years.. there are some wonderful memories. I need to always cherish those memories.
And so it began.... 1973.

Me, Dad and Heather - I was either 4 or 5

Probably 1974. My family .. in our home.

They see me rollin'... they hatin'....

I'm 7 here.  Check out at perfect turnout and point. Oh yeah, baby.

I did know how to share!

The Fam

6 - my first ballet recital. I was a butterfly in Alice in Wonderland

Me, mom and Heather. 1977. I was  5

Why I would never make a good parent. LOL

1975 or 76

Dad teaching me how to drive. No seriously, I knew how to drive a manual by the age of 13.

My 9th or 10th birthday party. Skating with my super cool papa.

Probably 1974. 

My papa playing with me. I THINK that's a snake or a worm. Not sure.

I'm sexy and I know it. early 1970s. Check out my Mickey tee

Getting my egg dying skills on!

Heather and I, 1977

No one takes my attention away from my Papa. Not nobody. 1977 - me, papa and my sister.

More than likely 1977. My only attempt at playboy. LOL> Why doesn't my hair naturally curl like this anymore?? lol

Always loved Halloween. Me and my sister. Has to be 1978.

Me, dad and an A-frame. I am assuming this is 1973.

Not much has changed. I still sit on a red chair and red. Early 1970s.

I could be nice. At my grandma's. Notice my Wonder Woman mirror? Oh yeah, baby, That's my sister on the left. 

I'm too damned 1970s cool... watching tv in the playroom.

Middle row - 5th grade - 4th from the right.

Santa.. dude.. just do as I ask. Also Santa, notice how cool I look in my poncho?

5th grade.

I am thinking I was either 5 or 6 here. Late 1970s.

This was domestic as I ever got.


Girl Scout camp photo. 3rd or 2nd grade. It's easy to pic me out. I'm the one on the front row looking the wrong way. LOL

Kindergarden school pic. Note the mickey mouse necklace

Me being silly - 3, 4 or 5?

Me being silly with the goats. He was trying to eat my shirt. I was probably 4 or 5

My living room (soooo 80s,) 15 with my bestie in High school, Wendy

15 years old - my bedroom. LOL Wendy, Candy and me,

1989 - at the Renn Fest - about 16 or so.

Probably 16 or 17 here. I'm the second from the left - at school.


Senior Highschool Year book photo

19, college bestie - merri and me,

Probably 19 or 20 here. Wendy, Telisa and Me.

College besties - I was 18, with Telisa and Merri,

19 years old - with Katie, me and Sarah at camp. Showing off our fake tattoos.

Me at 19, with my college bestie - Merri. Laying out on "the rocks"

Me - probably 20.

Probably 20, walking my roommate's dog in college.

10th grade school pic

About 23 - working as a Program Director at Girl Scout Camp one summer. I'm in the middle row - with the light blue lei drapped around my neck - next to the flag.

Probably about 21 - working at a camp, as a counselor - with my fellow camp counselors. BAAAD. 

Senior class trip *high school* with my bestie Becky.

19 years old - and on the far left. Working as a camp counselor during the summer.

Probably 22 - in a college dorm room, before going out. 1993. I'm on the right.

My room mate Angela and I (at 22 or 23) at The Brick in my college hometown.

Me at about 22 with my room mate, Sean .

28 years old - in Savannah at the River Street Inn

At 24 or 25, working in TV - with my coworkers at a Halloween party.

At 27, in Washington DC

late 20s - in NYC.

At 29, and I think it might have worked!

Late 30s - Cherry Blossoms.

Recent - Telisa and I on an airboat in the swamps of Lousiana.

Mid 30s. In Green Plaza, Alexandria, Egypt.

Madly in love - 2007. In Alexandria, Egypt.

Co-workers/Friends from AHA - Meeting up in Nashville, mid 30s. Me, Ashley (from Nashville,) Wendee (from NOLA,) and Jennifer (From Memphis.)

Mid 30s - Lynn, Keli and I in Destin.

My favorite egyptian family in Bham - late 30s.

Julie and I meeting for drinks after work in downtown Bham. Mid 30s.

Me, the egyptian, Telisa and JJ. Late 30s.

Jennifer and I in New Orleans

Celebrating our marriage with people we loved - Sean, Tiffany, the egyptian, me, Telisa, Crystal, Hesham, Katie and Danny.

Me, the egyptian, Margaret and Tonya - late 30s.

Not too long after landing in New Orleans. Wendee *from NOLA* picked each of us up at the airport - we each arrived very close to each other. Ashley from Nashville, me from Bham and Jennifer for Memphis.

Mid 30s - me, Obama, Tiffany and Sean.

Lynn, me, and Keli - celebrating my 33rd bday at a Persian restaurant.

Mid 30s - in New Orleans at Cafe Du Monde - with my favorite work/conference friends. Representing the southeast - Wendee (NOLA,) Jennifer (Memphis) and me (Bham.)

Just turned 30 - me, Lisa, Chiara and Tonya

Late 30s - on a ship in Savannah

Mid 30s, with the egypian.. in front of the Pyramids.

Recent. With one of our interns - Kelsea.

Mid 30s, I actually went red!

Mid 30s, relaxing on my balcony with Tiffany and Lynn, having maragaritas.

Me, my roomie Keli, and our friend Tiffany- dancing the night away.

Late 30s, Halloween - back in the happier days with the egyptian.

Mid 30s, dancing the night away with Keli and Tiffany.

Mid 30s - no makeup.. doing something I quit doing a loooong time ago - Scrapbooking.

Me, late 30s.

Hanging out on a rooftop bar in Birmingham - late 30s - with so many friends!

Me, mid-30s, post divorce with my friend, Tiffany, in Destin, Fl.

Yasser asking me to marry him.

Me, 35, in Egypt.

My brothers-in-law: Tamer and Samer, here I am in my md 30s.

Mid 30s - with my besties in Birmingham - Lynn, Tiffany, Keli and Crystal.

Recent - me with my coworker and friend, Tonya.

Just a few weeks ago, with my newest friend, Wendy!

Mid 30s - Me with my bestie, Lynn. We were at a Moroccan Restaurant.

My little "family" after my divorce. Me, my roomie Keli and her furbaby, Allie. Great period of life. Mid 30s.

Me - early 30s, locked up at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Me enjoying the sun on Mexico Beach. Early 30s.

Just turned 30 - with my friends on Tybee Island. Lisa, me, Telisa and Chiara. We were drinking Champagne on the beach.

Early 30s - taking my dog and love, Nanook, on a walk at Lake Tobo in Macon. 

Early 30s -- I hiked to the top of Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina

Early 30s - My bestie Telisa and I in St. Augustine, Florida.


Kim Croisant said...

What a fun thing to do. From the looks of your pictures, you must have scanned most of them in and I'm sure that took you a long time to do. YOu must really be happy where your life has taken you. You also look great for being almost 40. I enjoyed every picture...especially the older ones.
Kim from Tuesday's Thoughtful Comments

MikiHope said...

You have led an interesting life and been many places!! But just remember the best is yet to come!!

Gluten Free for Jen said...

Love the pictures of the different places you have been to. I would love to visit Egypt someday!

Robyn Burke said...

what an awesome trip down memory lane Nicole! May this be the best decade yet and may your birthday be filled to overflow with blessings.

Erin Slocum said...

What a great collection of photos! I can only hope I get to travel even half as much as you have by the time I'm 40!

Donna said...

I feel like I've gotten to know you. Sadly I have very few photos of me as a child through early teens. I enjoyed looking at all your pics. You're beautiful!

Ashley B. said...

These were awesome pics! I don't think many people keep their pics from their childhood like that (I know I didn't!). I wish I had though, what a great way to look back. Happy almost 40!

debdenny said...

How much fun to look back and bring those memories to the forefront. Hopping by to say hi!


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